Six steps for deep frying without a deep fryer

Whenever we think about the term deep frying, the first thing that would pop-up in our minds I an oily dish cooked in a deep fryer. We would consider this way because we have been introduced to deep-fried items with a deep fryer all our lives.

In this article, I have come up with some ideas that we can do without using a deep fryer for cooking our favorite food items. 

For deep frying, you will need some regular utensils, that are already at your home. However, some other technicalities would affect the final taste and look of your food. Apart from frying with oil now, we have got some air frying machines that would cook your food with the minimum amount of oil using high-pressure hot air. 

Let us have a look at those steps.

Get the right oil

You cannot fry in any oil, manufacturers have introduced more than one option for cooking oils, only because there are several types of dishes that can only be cooked when there would be an appropriate oil. The suitable oils for deep frying are the ones with higher smoke points; this means that they have got high boiling temperatures; they do not burn quickly. If you use an oil such as corn oil that has reached a lowered smoke point, the oil will likely start to burn too early, and ultimately it would make your food taste crap. The most suitable oils for deep frying are sunflower oils, peanut oil, avocado oil, and soya bean oil.

Picking the right pot

Picking the right pot will depend a lot on the type of food you are trying to cook. If it is simple potato wedges, then you do not very deep pan, but if you are going to fry drum sticks or cheese balls, you will need a deep pot. 

The reason is to avoid any burn injuries as the oil will pop out when a moist thing is fried. Moreover, these oil spills will be difficult to clean once dried.

The right temperature

When you are at home, it would not be easy to measure the temperature; the ideal temperature for deep frying is above 180 degrees Celsius. You can simply check it by adding a few drops of the mixture after 5 minutes of pre-heating. While you put in the food, make sure that it is not very cold; otherwise, it would disturb the temperature.

Prepare the food before putting in.

You need a few tissue papers for pat drying the food items, a little bit of moisture on the outer surface can lead to trouble. It would be great if you will take off all the moisture with tissue papers. Do not fry big pieces together; try to keep a balance.

Be quick

Once you have dropped the food into the hot oil, you do not need to wait for a more extended period. It would only take 40 seconds for cooking. If there is a need to cook the inner matter, then 80 seconds will be enough; otherwise, your food will burn.

Drain the extra oil on a paper towel

Before presenting your food, it will be fantastic if you would let a few paper towels soak the excess oil. Deep frying makes the food delicious, but excess fat makes them moist and soggy that would destroy the taste.