Big Bang Piping: Are Bursting Pipes Hazardous?

Plumbing or piping is an essential part of your house or building. This process ensures that water is appropriately going in and out of your house. Pipes don’t just carry in and out water, but also house wastes and even the gas that you use for cooking. That’s why a faulty or mishandled leakage on pipes that might need immediate burst pipe repair must not be overlooked. It can cause excess moisture that would increase the possibilities of mould and fungus to grow and destroy your home’s facilities without you even noticing.

Are Busted and Leaking Pipes Dangerous? 

It is not just an inconvenience to the whole household, but it can harm your family as well. It comes in many different aspects such as it could cause accidents and destroy your home’s structure, and it can even harm your family’s health. Interested to know more? Stay with us as this article guides you on the hazard and danger of having a faulty pipe.

1. Mildew and Mould in the House:

Such organisms thrive or have more chances to live in moist places. Suppose the leaks don’t dry immediately, especially in areas that house owners barely see. It will attract and encourage moulds and mildew that can damage your home’s materials, especially those sensitive to water and moisture. It can also cause several respiratory diseases:

  • Worsening of asthma symptoms: Due to high humidity levels, it affects air quality and can trigger asthma symptoms. This is one of the chronic health effects that indoor dampness exposure can cause to people. Symptoms such as cough, difficulty in breathing, and wheezing could worsen if exposed long.
  • Nasal congestion: Often called ‘stuffy nose’ that is often caused by irritation or inflammation of the nasal tissue that could further worsen into different infections such as allergic rhinitis, colds, or flu.

2. A Rapid Increase in the Utility Bills:

Hidden or unnoticeable leaks on the house can rapidly increase your utility bills. Not just your water bill, gas bills, but even your electricity bill will increase as well. Due to the high humidity level inside your house, your air conditioner needs to be on a little bit longer since it’ll be harder to cool down your house with the humidity.

3. Unnoticeable Structural Damages:

Most of the materials used in houses don’t blend well with water and moisture. It could cause the paint to peel, metal materials to rust, and the wood to rot, which among all materials is the most vulnerable. Without a proper maintenance check, it’ll take a long while before you even notice these damages.

4. A Pest Infestation on Different Parts of the House:

Aside from mould, pests who eat and burrow themselves in are deeply attracted to moisture. 

Pipe leakages are considered an emergency. Once you’ve noticed that something’s wrong, call a burst pipe repair service provider immediately. Most of the repair services are offered 24/7 to ensure everyone’s safety. And if you can, have a maintenance check every now and then to proactively foresee problems that ought to arise.

Pipes may be just a small part of the house but can still bring the whole house down if mishandled. So, instead of underestimating your piping issues, book a quotation appointment now! It doesn’t hurt to be cautious for your own good.

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