What are the best wrenches to buy?

If you are about to kit out your first toolbox and you haven’t got unlimited funds, then you need to look at getting the tools you will need instead of a whole heap you don’t. Perhaps you are starting an apprenticeship as a mechanic, or a builder, plumber, engineer, or one of the many others available then there will be certain tools you will use often, and some that you will rarely or never use. The same goes with the sizes. There is no point buying a spanner wrench that is used on huge truck bolts if you are a lawnmower repairer. So, how do you know what the best wrenches to buy are? Let’s look at some of our picks and why.

Standard wrenches

There are some wrenches that are versatile and can be used in any industry, for many jobs. However, there will be sizes that your industry is more likely to use, so ask your colleagues which ones they use most.

  • Spanners are a good start, they can have opened or closed ends, or both and they come in a huge range of sizes.
  • A ratchet wrench, a few correctly sized sockets, and an extension arm will help get to the hard-to-reach places.
  • An adjustable wrench can be used on several-sized bolts.
  • A strap wrench is handy for odd-shaped objects.

With a combination of these, you should be able to accomplish any basic job.

Special wrenches

Even though you can use the above tools for most jobs some tasks will need a specific wrench. Again, we suggest you ask others in your industry what their favourite and most used tools are.

  • If you are in the automotive industry then you will need a torque or tension wrench so that you can get the right exact amount of pressure, which is very important when repairing engines.
  • A plumber may want to buy a basin wrench to get you into tight areas under the sink to undo pipes. These are specially designed, so they don’t destroy the pipes as they are being gripped in the jaw of the wrench.

Other industries may have other specialised tools, so ask your workmates or get expert advice from a reputable company like RS.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to buying wrenches, you have two options. You can buy cheap sets with a heap of sizes that you’ll never use, and then continuously buy more cheap sets, because the size you do use keeps breaking; leaving you with a toolbox full of wrenches you don’t use. Or you can buy a quality wrench or two, of the size you do need and have a tool that will last. The best way to ensure you have quality tools is to buy them from a quality dealer like RS.

Don’t waste your money on buying inferior products you won’t use. Get expert advice on what the best wrenches are for you to buy from the team at RS. Contact them online or by phone.

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