How to Deep Clean Your New House Before You Move I n

Moving into a new home can be frightening. You are thinking of changing your home, but it makes you bother so much and parting ways with a family where many memories were made. 

The amusing part of moving to a new house is that you are going to a new place which should go there. But before you unload the moving truck, you should clean your new house and sweetie home. Cleaning your new residence, it depends on what kinds of home you have. If you are moving to a new place, the cleaning process will be different. If you are going to a house where someone has already used it, then the cleaning process will be different.

There are several cleaning things that you need before you move into a new house.

Check The Place.

After getting the key to the home, check the place that you need to first. The main tickets are in hand, and make a list after checking all the rooms. Ensure everything agreed upon in the sale, and everything you expected to be there is still in the house. All of them are still accounted for when you’re the new homeowner.

Clean High Areas Before Clean Low

Before cleaning, you should keep in mind that dust isn’t relegated to floors and countertops. Rather on ceiling fans, shelving, or overhead lighting areas, it might get grimy or dusty. So start cleaning from the top of each room and then clean the downside. When you need to clean the ceiling fan, you can use an old pillow cover over each blade to wipe away from it. It minimizes the collateral damage too.


Now it’s time to clean your kitchen areas. And this time, you should go through one by one.


Your over is the most useable part of your kitchen. So it quickly gets dirty and oily. So it’s better to use an oven cleaner. After removing oven racks, place them into soapy water of the sink. And don’t forget to scrub the oven downsides too. You can use Steel wool that is safe for rack cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar is also an effective cleaner when you like to skip chemicals.


 For the sink cleaning, use steel wool on the stubborn stains. On your stainless steel sink, you may also use the paste of baking soda and vinegar. After strain removing procession, you should make shine the sink. And a solution of water and lemon juice will make that shininess on your sink.


Now, you need to clean up the kitchen cabinet. At first, dust and wipe down the cabinets from inside to out. And don’t forget to wipe the cabinet door.


This is also the most useable part of your kitchen. Before start cleaning:

  1. Switch off the plug of the refrigerator.
  2. Pull away it from the wall and dust behind it.
  3. Clean the refrigerator inside and outside well.

So the best cleaning, you can take advantage of an empty warm fridge.

Place the fridge racks and drawers in soapy water and clean it well.


It needs to rent or purchase a suction vacuum cleaner or hire someone to steam clean for you. Steam cleaning can remove tough stains and provides a deep clean, and getting rid of pet odors.

If you have the right equipment you can clean sealed hardwood floors also.  Not use steam cleaner on the hardwood floors because water could seep in and ruin the floor. Murphy’s Oil Soap helps to complete a great job cleaning hardwoods.


 Bathroom cleaning seems like the toughest job in house cleaning. Though there are many bathroom cleaners available, a paste of baking soda with vinegar works very well. You can use this paste on the tub and tiles mold too. Now clean glass shower doors and glass corner shelves also. Use a scrubber and scrub well the grime’s area of your bathroom.

Clean the Floors

It is the most prominent part of your home cleaning. Before cleaning, make sure what type of flooring you have. The common cleaning tips are not acceptable for different flooring. It is better to hire someone to analyze what kinds of cleaning techniques you need.

It needs to rent or purchase a steam cleaner even you can hire someone to steam clean for you. Steam cleaning gets rid of tough stains and grants a deep clean.

If you have the right cleaning equipment, you can clean also sealed hardwood floors. Sometimes steam cleaner damage the hardwood floors that have not been sealed because moisture could seep the bottom.


Though the walls are a noticeable part of your home, you need to take extra care. The walls in your new home need to keep clean and plan and you can wash the walls with a water and vinegar solution. This solution is safe on most surfaces. The corners of the walls are dirt quickly, so pay close attention to the corners. For removing tough stains or marks, Magic Eraser type’s products would be the best.

Finishing Touches

It would be best to keep in mind some last bits before you start moving into the new home. If you use any carpet in your home, wash it in a deep clean so that you don’t need to do it later. As we know that carpet cleaning requires much time, so it’s better to clean it before.

Now clean the outdoor windows and glasses. You can use any type of window cleaners to do it for you.

After cleaning the house properly from all sides, you can move into your new home now. Always keep it on your mind that is essential to keep your home clean. It makes your mind happy, and you feel comfortable too. But when you move into a dirty house and do the cleaning processions later, it wouldn’t be fruitful at all. So doing this first is the best idea.

Last Line 

Giving a thorough cleaning before you move in your possessions will get you off to a great start. New construction may leave dust and debris in unexpected places where buying an established home and dirt can lurk in many areas. Even though you want to move to another state or another country, you should clean before your stuff arrives. In the cleaning process, you must recognize some things that need to be repaired or replaced.