Why are vinyl tarps excellent for outdoor furniture covers?

Sitting on the lawn or patio is a dream for many people who want to spend some enjoyable time outdoor within the premises of their homes that ensure complete privacy.  The kind of furniture you need depends on where you want to place it. For example, lawn furniture is entirely different from patio furniture because, for lawns, the furniture placement is temporary. You must remove it during the rainy season or winter when the soil is wet and can damage the furniture even if you cover it from all sides. On the other hand, since this problem does not happen with patio furniture, you can think about more permanent furniture placement and use patio furniture cover to protect it from weather elements.  

Protection from sun and water

Regardless of the type of furniture cover material, it must be water-resistant as well as sun resistant. Both water and sunlight are harmful to outdoor furniture, including those made from some all-weather material. Such material can only offer limited protection, and for all-round protection, in all seasons, you must use furniture cover. There is nothing better than it for complete protection of furniture from the elements of weather.

Vinyl covers or tarps are excellent for furniture covers to protect outdoor furniture as it can withstand the destructive forces of nature like rain, snow, and sunshine with equal ease. Covering your furniture will prolong its life and maintain its good looks. 

What are the implications of using tarps for covering outdoor furniture will become clear on going through this article.

UV protection

Sunlight is highly damaging for furniture as the harmful UV rays damage the furniture material and the upholstery fabric and coating. The most visible damage from sun exposure is discoloration as the surface of the furniture material disintegrates under the impact of UV rays that damage the material’s texture, be it wood, metal, or plastic. Moreover, prolonged sun exposure can make wood warp or crack and render plastic brittle. Heavy-duty vinyl tarp covers can cut off the sunray completely and protect the furniture that looks new for many years while preserving its value.

Water protection

Vinyl covers are water-resistant and effectively blocks out water from the furniture, provided the cover is in place mainly during the rainy season and winter. Covered furniture remains dry and clean that creates inviting looks. You can leave the furniture outdoor duly covered without any concern because neither sun nor rain or snow can damage it. 

Keep molds and mildew at bay

While waterproofing material for outdoor furniture seems a great idea, you must be careful to ensure that it does not pose new problems by preventing airflow. Restricting airflow is bad for furniture because it leads to moisture condensation that creates a moist environment that encourages mold and mildew growth.  Buy furniture that uses breathable fabric or has some arrangement for venting that prevents condensation. The sides of the cover should be made from 90% mesh material to ensure sufficient airflow.