Did you Know, Trees can Make your House Rise in Value?

Homeowners often look for ways to improve the value of their property, and this may involve landscaping or installing a new, more modern, kitchen, or perhaps extending the home with a conservatory.

One overlooked and perhaps surprising way to increase the value of a home is by planting trees. The National Association of Realtors recognizes this to be a valid way to help sell a home and to increase the price. But, this isn’t just theory and speculation, Portland in Oregon already proved this works.

A study carried out some years ago established that street trees increased the value of homes in Portland by more than $1 billion collectively. This gave an average increase of over $7,000 for each home in the city. 

What trees should you plant to increase the value of your home?

The most common thing homeowners want to know when it comes to planting trees is which ones will add the most value. Actually, there is no right or wrong answer here.

The key to adding value is to plan carefully and start early. Landscaping a garden and planting trees should be done soon after moving into a new home as you may wait for 6 or 7 sevens for plant maturity. Advice should be taken on where to plant shrubs and trees as poor planning can lead to tree roots causing damage or light being blocked out.

Hardy trees that are resistant to disease are desirable, and fruit trees are popular too. 

What are the benefits of planting trees?

Not only do trees raise the value of your home, but they bring an enormous amount of other benefits too. If you are looking for effective ways to make your garden more sustainable then look towards trees. These plants assist the soil in absorbing and retaining water and provide vital nutrients for other plants.

Trees provide shade for plants and people, as well as sheltering the home from both hot and cold weather. They produce oxygen, conserve water, protect homes from extreme weather, and provide privacy from neighbors. 

They can also help to save you money

Planting trees can mean that you get a higher return on your home investment but they can also help you to reduce bills and save money.

The Department of Energy says that by positioning trees carefully, 25 percent can be cut from existing energy bills, and proper landscaping can reduce cooling bills by 50 percent.

Trees shelter homes from the sun and help to keep the home cool. They can also act as natural windbreaks and keep cold winter winds from hitting the home. However, storms can cause other problems with trees too. 

How to make the most of your trees

Although there isn’t a right or wrong choice when choosing which trees to plant, there is a right way to get the most out of them.

Damaged or diseased trees will not add any value to your home and will not only reduce the value of the property but also add other dangers. Storms cause incredible damage, and back in 1987, the UK suffered the Great Storm that toppled 15 million trees in one night.

Fortunately, many trees can recover from storm damage but they often need human intervention. If you are unlucky enough to have damage inflicted by a storm then specialist tree surgery may be needed. A professional tree surgeon can make sure your tree recovers from disease or damage and keeps providing your garden with beauty and shelter. 

Do you need to use tree surgeons?

Your trees can only help increase the value of your home if they are attracted and well maintained. A diseased, dying tree will not add any value at all and can attract pests such as termites, and also spread disease to other plants.

Tree surgeons will advise on maintenance plans, prune trees, cut back overhanging branches that might cause danger in a storm. They can diagnose and treat diseases and help you to keep your trees in good health.

The first things a potential house buyer will see on arrival will be the front yard and the facade. Many people will make an instant judgment on a property from the side of the road, and this is described as curb appeal. There are reasons why you might want to remove a tree from your yard, and a blight on the property is one of them.

Dead trees need to be removed by tree surgeons before they cause further problems and also lower the value of your home. 


Positioning trees carefully and taking the time to plan your garden landscape can result in thousands of dollars being added to the value of your home. Although there is an initial investment in planting shrubs and trees, they will pay you back by reducing energy costs and cooling your home in the summer.

To reap all the benefits trees can give, proper maintenance has to take place, and this should be done by proper tree surgeons when it involves damage or disease. By looking after your trees, you will have a more profitable experience when the time comes to sell.