5 Great Ways To Light Up A Swimming Pool This Summer

Lighting up a swimming pool during summertime is worth the expense and effort, both for pleasure and safety. It will also add substantial value to your home.

By lighting up your pool, you will have the added benefit of swimming at night if you wish and inviting friends over for a nighttime pool party. It will also prevent youngsters or pets from falling into the water, compared to an unlit pool, when they cannot see the area well.

If you are having difficulty deciding on the lighting for your pool, here are five great ways to light a swimming pool this summer:

1. Lighting up the Steps

If you have stairs in your pool area, light them up. This way, if you don’t have the budget for underwater lighting in the pool, there still is that “wow” factor without spending a lot.

Lighting up steps is a very simple process. All you have to do is find some waterproof and color-changing lights (make sure they are approved for pool areas) with no more than 12 volts each. Attach them underneath the steps (that’s where it looks best), connect and plug into an extension cord that connects into an outlet inside your house.

If you have ceramic tile around your pool and the steps, make sure you mud down the lights properly so water cannot get in.

2. Underwater Lights

Another way to use lighting to enhance your swimming experience is by creating a night time show of underwater color-changing lights. These are more costly than putting lights on the steps, but they look very spectacular in action!

There are two different ways to light up your pool at night. You can either add colored LED strips along the bottoms of both sides or along the floor bottom directly under the waterline. Either way, you’ll want to make sure the lights are on a timer. This will give off that show-like feel all night long.

3. Light up the Pool Deck

Use lighting to accentuate the area where people walk out of the water and onto the areas surrounding your pool. It would also bring life to your nighttime pool parties.

One way to light up your pool deck is by making a path of lights that leads from the house or patio out to your swimming area. This can be done with garden spotlights or solar yard lights along the edge of your deck and throwing it down towards the ground.

4. Adding Color To Your Waterfalls and Other Water Features

This effect looks especially lovely in the evening hours when the pool area is already lit by other light sources, such as your steps or underneath your pool. It’s a great way to create an even greater ambiance around your swimming pool. You can enjoy the ambiance of the pool year round with a solar pool heater, so even in the cool autumnal months, you can go for a swim. 

Lighting for different water features, like falls and fountains, comes in various colors and runs on solar or battery power. You just need to add them to the backside of your water features, and they light up at night like Christmas lights.

5. Lighting Up the Greens Around Your Pool

Another great way to light up your swimming pool is by lighting up the greenery around it. You can do this by using solar-powered spotlights or yellow bug lights. These are best because they don’t shine too bright and work well for illuminating plants, shrubs and trees without making them look like they have their own private disco.

Remember This: You Can’t Go Wrong With LED Lighting.

There are many different types of LED lights that you can use to light up your pool area. Anything from path lights, spotlights or even a complete outdoor lighting package with remote control and timers will work great. Just make sure they’re waterproof and approved for underwater applications. They are cost-efficient, too!

When it comes to lighting swimming pools, there are many options you can opt to do. Whether you’re looking for a long-term solution or something more temporary, we hope our suggestions will help make your summertime pool parties easier and brighter!

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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