5 Signs You Need A Furnace Upgrade

Are you planning to upgrade your furnace, or you’re not sure if it’s the right time for a furnace upgrade? A new furnace may mean spending money on expensive installation services, so you want to be sure an upgrade is worth your investment. 

If you think a furnace repair can solve your unit’s problems, make sure to call experienced and licensed professionals to do the job. As an example, if you live in Toronto, look for professional furnace repair Toronto services. However, if your furnace issues are beyond repair, you may need a replacement for your old furnace. And if you’re still undecided, below are some of the telling signs you may need a furnace upgrade.

1. Your Unit Is Old

No matter how you give proper care and maintenance to your furnace, there’s no guarantee it’d keep running for a lifetime. Usually, a furnace can last for up to 15 years. However, there’s no way to know when your furnace would stop working. The only thing you can do is exercise caution if your furnace is more than a decade old.

If it was the previous property owner who installed your current furnace, it’s not easy to determine how long it has been there. If there’s still a user manual, make sure to check it. Otherwise, take note of its serial number and present it to the manufacturer to know how old your unit is.

Although it’s not wise to replace a functional furnace because of its old age, knowing your unit’s age would help you determine if you should have it repaired or consider a replacement instead.

2. Frequent Repairs Are Needed

Every heating system requires routine maintenance for wear and tear, and there are times they should be fixed. However, if your furnace needs constant repairs, it may be high time to replace it. If you keep encountering the same issues, you should be concerned because your heating system may affect the comfort in your living space.

Aside from that, you may end up spending more money if you keep getting repairs for the same problem. To save money and get a better heating system, consider purchasing a new furnace.

3. Soaring Heating Bills

There are many factors that may affect your high energy bills. If there’s been a steady increase in your bills for the past few months or years, one factor may be a problem in your furnace.

Some parts of your furnace will wear out over the years, and once this happens, you might notice that your electric bills and gas have gone up. If there’s a sharp rise in your bills, one of the things to check is your furnace. In this case, contact your preferred professional to check your unit and fix the problem.

choosing the furnace

If your furnace isn’t working efficiently and consumes more energy, the extra money you’d have to pay for your energy bills can have the same cost as buying a new and more efficient furnace. However, when buying a new unit, make sure to choose a furnace with an Energy Star rating to save money on your bills.

4. Loud Noises

Different noises can be a sign it’s time to replace or repair your furnace. If you’re wondering when to replace your furnace, one of the signs you should watch out for include noises such as the following:

  • Rattling: This sound can be due to loose parts or ducts. Once you hear rattling sounds, call a professional to know if it’s the best time to replace your unit.
  • Popping: It’s a sound caused by fluctuations in temperature within your unit. It can also be due to parts that are affected by the change in temperature.
  • Screeching: If you hear a screeching noise coming from your furnace, it may mean there’s a damaged blower motor. It could also be due to a damaged pulley or belt in the furnace.

To enjoy saving on your utility bills, you might also want to switch to other types of heating systems. Some of these are boilers, ductless mini-split systems, and heat pumps.

5. Uneven Temperature

If you’re feeling cold even if your furnace is on, it’s time to check your unit for some problems. However, there can also be some other reason why it feels cold in your house. It could be due to malfunctioning or broken thermostats and air leaks. 

However, in the absence of alternative explanations for the problem, don’t try to repair your unit on your own. Instead, hire a professional to determine the real cause. If the uneven temperature is due to your unit’s inefficiency and old age, it’s best to consider a furnace upgrade with better technology.

Bottom Line

There are many problems that may cause your furnace to stop working temporarily or for good. If you don’t know the right time to get a furnace upgrade, make sure to keep the above signs in mind. Although buying a new furnace is quite expensive, newer units aren’t only energy-efficient. They also come with new features or technology that’d keep you and your family more comfortable during colder seasons.

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