5 Scandinavian Interior Design Hacks for Small Bedrooms

Whether you want to unwind after a long day at work or hang out with your gal-pals, your bedroom acts as the perfect sanctuary. In addition, it’s the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate and has the right kind of energy you need to indulge in some me-time. This is why, it’s important for you to make sure your bedroom design theme suits your personality and aesthetics. 

There are a bunch of modern interior design themes for you to choose from, but one décor idea that seems to have reached new levels in terms of popularity is Scandinavian interior design. Scandy interior design is all about creating a soothing yet interesting environment in the space and giving it a snug, cosy vibe. Every element of the Scandy décor theme oozes tranquillity, and perhaps this is why this décor theme has become incredibly popular in today’s fast-paced world that could use every ounce of peace it gets. 

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So, if you’re looking for ways to give your small bedroom a Scandinavian makeover, we’ve got five hacks to help you. 

# 1 Choose Light Bases 

Colours can make or break the aesthetic of any space. This is why it’s important to choose the right colour palette to do justice to your Scandinavian interior design. As mentioned above, scandy décor is all about peace and tranquillity and staying true to this vibe, Scandinavian bedroom designs typically feature a neutral, warm tone colour palette. From soothing ecrus to taupes and tans, there are a bunch of subtle (but not boring) colours that you can choose from to create the backdrop of your scandy bedroom. 

# 2 Natural Wood 

Wooden accents are very popular in Scandinavian interior design. From light teaks to rich mahogany, you can find different kinds of wooden elements in Scandy rooms. These accents bring a natural, warm vibe into the décor of the room, adding to its snug and cozy energy. A great way to introduce wooden elements in the décor of the room is by opting for wooden flooring or wooden bed frames. 

# 3 Focus of Practicality 

One thing that defines Scandinavian interior design is its focus on functionality. The function takes precedence over form when it comes to anything Scandy. This is why it’s important to make sure that your décor is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable. Make sure there’s enough open space and everything has a designated spot in the room. There’s no room for clutter in scandy designs. 

# 4 Don’t Shy Away from Pops of Colour 

While it’s true that Scandinavian design is dominated by neutral hues and warm tones, modern scandy homes feature vibrant pops of colours in perfect moderation. Indigo, wine, and turquoise are amongst the most popular accent colours in Scandinavian interior design HDBs. From classic throws blankets to youthful cushions, if done tastefully, colourful décor pieces can be seamlessly included in Scandinavian homes. 

So, these were a few easy yet effective hacks to give your home a Nordic makeover. With these hacks, you can watch your Scandy décor dreams come true. However, if you’re looking to give your home an insta-ready makeover, it’s best to get in touch with professional interior design firms such as Livspace. 

Livspace is one of the most reputed interior design firms in the country that offers end-to-end interior design solutions and makes your décor dreams come true. From installation to design consultation, Livspace is your one-stop shop for everything interiors. Visit their website to know more about their offerings. 

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