Why people buy Mistletoe

Mistletoe is one of the most bought and sought-after plants in western countries. The reason for the plant’s astounding popularity is that it holds excellent festive significance. Whenever the holiday season is around the corner, people use it to decor their homes and offices. But there are much more aspects related to the plant that makes it so highly valued. Before going through the reasons people buy Mistletoe, it is important to give the plant a brief introduction.

What is Mistletoe?

The plant is a type of hemiparasitic plant that can be found in numerous places. The plant is mostly found on pine, oak, and apple trees. The hemiparasitic plant is distinctive from others on some basis. The most notable difference is that their photosynthesis process is not dependent on the tree as they perform it on their own. Some of the reasons because of which people buy Mistletoe are.

People buy Mistletoe because of tradition

There are many traditions related to the holiday season that people follow wholeheartedly. Among those traditions, hanging Mistletoe is one of the more well-known and notable ones. People mostly know about it because of the romantic aspect attached to it. The tradition revolving around the Mistletoe is that if someone is standing underneath it with another person, they must both kiss.

The ancient Greeks started the tradition because the plant is linked with fertility. People hang the Mistletoe in their homes to liven up the mood and inject some romance into the air. But not all people use the plant for romantic purposes. The plant is elegant, and because of its widespread use, it is seen as a festive decoration. The festive look of the plant makes it a must-have for everyone whether they follow the kissing tradition or not.

People use Mistletoe to battle cancer

Mistletoe is a plant that has garnered massive popularity and fame due to its correlation with a particular kissing tradition. But what people do not know is that the festive plant has much more going on than just being a decorative piece around the holiday season. The plant plays a significant role in the wildlife, and according to recent studies, it may prove to be very vital to human health too. Recent studies have concluded that the plant can help cancer patients, more precisely, colon cancer patients, fight the disease. It is a well-known fact that colon cancer is a significant cause of cancer deaths in many continents. So, the plants’ ability to fight the disease has been received as a very positive sign. The plant is very effective against the disease and has comparatively fewer side effects on the human body as compared to chemo.

Many well-renowned cancer-curing institutes have been studying Mistletoe. They see the plant as a serious cure for the disease, and because of it, the plant has been touted as a toxic-free alternative. The plant boosts the immune system and gives it the ability to fight cancerous cells.

The plant has shown many satisfactory results in the testing phases, and because of that, its reputation as a chemo alternative can be justified. The plant has exhibited cancer-killing capabilities in testing phases. Scientists believe that with the help of the plant, a patient’s life can be improved. The plant even goes as far as boosting the blood count of a cancer patient. The plant also can help people dealing with nausea, pain, and fatigue.

One of the leading causes of suicide in teenagers and adults is anxiety and stress. It is an evil that has slowly lurked into everyone’s life. Mental health is critical in a person’s everyday workings, and if somehow it gets compromised, then everything gets affected by it. A great benefit of Mistletoe is that it reduces anxiety in patients diagnosed with cancer. With a healthy and stable mindset, cancer patients can battle the disease more efficiently.

Mistletoe also eliminates anxiety from people’s life by improving their sleep. It is no hidden fact that a good night’s sleep helps people both physically and mentally. People from olden times have also taken its assistance to improve their periods of rest.

People use Mistletoe to boost cardiovascular health

Many health conditions can lead people towards becoming lifelong patients of heart and kidney issues. People use various remedies and cures to battle these issues, but only a handful produces satisfactory results. If people are dealing with any heart issues, then they should start using Mistletoe. The plant can effectively boost blood circulation. The plant gives off the same effects as antioxidants, which are known for improving heart rate and health.

People use and buy Mistletoe for health advantages

Mistletoe has many health benefits that make it a very well-regarded plant in the health industry. People can even improve their immune systems with the plant’s assistance, which automatically helps them fight illnesses.

Inflammation can occur in the human body due to many reasons. Deducting the cause of the inflammation can be a daunting process but curing it is not so hard. Mistletoe, with its antioxidant-like properties, can successfully reduce and even eliminate inflammations. It does not matter whether the inflammation is present inside or outside of the body as the plant can deal with them both. 

Where to find and buy Mistletoe in the US

The plant is quite popular and very sought-after because of which it can be found in a wide range of shopping markets and stores. The stores always have the plants in fresh and pristine condition because they sell out very quickly. The most likely places in which people can buy Mistletoe in the USA are: 

 Because of their very nature, home improvement stores are a prime candidate from where people can find fresh plants.  Local or nationwide grocery stores such as Walmart are also a great option, as they contain almost everything. The next place where people can find Mistletoe is tree farms, as they have all festival-related plants and trees. The last and the most obvious option is the local florist.

Buy Mistletoe online in the US

Because of the incredible popularity of the plant, they can be found in online stores as well. The online stores always prioritize delivering the best and the freshest Mistletoe they have to their customers. Online shopping powerhouses such as Amazon and eBay are great options for where people can buy Mistletoe. Both companies offer quick and safe delivery so through them people can have fresh Mistletoe in their footsteps in no time.