Self-storage Tips For New Renters

Opting for self-storage for the very first time? Well, allow me to tell you that it’s a pretty good idea. Self-storage gives you peace of mind and keeps your valuables protected. However, you might not know that there is a lot that you need to be careful with while opting for self-storage. Therefore, here are the few best tips that would assist all the new renters in making the self-storage work for them.

  • Find the best self-storage facility
  • Know what size and type of storage goes well for you
  • Organize and pack your valuables well
  • Seal and label your storage unit

Find The Best Self-Storage Facility

Whether you are opting for self storage in bloomington il for the first or second, third, or fourth time, you should always find the best self-storage company for the job. Since self-storage has become very popular these days, there would be several companies operating in your area. However, the local company that holds a good reputation in your area offers the self-storage facility at the best rates and covers the damages is good for the job. You can find quality self-storage options by searching on the internet and taking referrals. Prefer the referrals as they are usually tried and trusted.

Know What Size and Type of Storage Goes Well For You

Most first-time renters have no clue that they will be asked about the size and the type of storage they want. Therefore, before heading for the meeting with the storage company, have a rough idea of how much space you might need for the job. It would make the staff easier to guide you. The standard sizes of self-storage units are 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20, and 10×30. As per the rough estimate, 5×5 is about as much as a walk-in closet, it can store small-sized belongings. Whereas, 10×15 and all other sizes can store furniture and other such valuables. If still the sizes confuse you, do not hesitate in asking the staff. They would be the best guide.

There are two types of storage, indoors and outdoors. Both types of storage are safe, indoors is expensive and a bit more safer, whereas, the outdoors is a bit cheaper. If you do not have any budget issues and things you are about to store are quite valuable, go for the indoor storage option.

Organize and Pack Your Valuables Well

Finding the right self-storage company is not only important. You have to pack well as well. Before placing your belongings in the cardboard box, I suggest you wrap them in an old blanket or consider packing them in bubble wrap.

More importantly, the experts suggest you keep the heavier items at the bottom whereas the lighter and delicate ones at the top. It is suggested so for the stability and protection of the stored valuables.

Seal and Label Your Storage Unit

Lastly, you have to be very careful with sealing the storage unit. Apply a generous amount of tape to seal the box to perfection. Additionally, label it to make it easier to identify.

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