The North Coast of Egypt

The North Coast of Egypt is one of the best coastal areas that is characterized by its moderate climate and the presence of a large number of services in it. La Casa Property Introduce You The Magnificent, It is the North Coast region of Egypt, which is located in the far north of Egypt on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea for a distance of 1050 km from the city of Rafah in eastern Sinai to the Salloum plateoau in the far west of Egypt.  The Libyan border, and is characterized by its blue waters and fine golden sand.

 The beginning of the northern coast of Egypt from the city of Rafah in the Sinai to Salloum in the far west of Egypt.

 This area is characterized by the presence of landscapes of green spaces, and plain land with no mountains or heights. There are a number of lakes in the northern coast site, namely Lake Idku, Burullus, Mariout, Manzala, and Bardawil.

 Ras El Hekma Bay is also considered one of the most famous areas on the North Coast. It is located in the east of Matrouh city, and the beaches of that area are calm due to the presence of natural surf breaks. In El-Dabaa in the North Coast, which is located 160 km west of Alexandria, is the largest project for the nuclear station.

 One of the easiest roads leading to the North Coast is the New Fouka Road, which is the link between Cairo and the entire Sahel region. Through the exits of Fouka Road, you can reach the villages of the North Coast of Egypt within two hours at most from downtown Cairo.

 One of the roads constructed by the Egyptian Armed Forces at a cost of about 110 million pounds. It shortens the time and effort for the citizens and to encourage investors to reconstruct that area. Also, before implementing this road, the distance from Cairo to the entrance to the city of El Alamein was about 420 kilometers. The implementation of the Fouka Road has become  The distance is only 320 kilometers, and thus this road contributed to the revitalization of the tourist movement in the villages of the North Coast, all the way to Salloum. Juhayna Square in the Sixth of October City is the beginning of the new Fouka Road leading to Hekma Bay Resort on the North Coast.

 The exit of the new Fouka Road starts from Juhayna Square in October, and branches out to four exits that lead to the villages of the North Coast, as follows:

 The first exit is located at kilo 130. The second exit of the new Fouka roads is also located at kilo 170. The third exit is located at kilo 230. As for the fourth exit, it is located at Marsa Matrouh Road.

 The North Coast region of Egypt includes a number of tourist villages located from the coast of Mariout, which extends from western Alexandria to the borders of Salloum.

 These areas are characterized by the charming nature, picturesque and mild weather throughout the year and the availability of all services, including the Al Alamein area, Sidi Barani, Sidi Abdel Rahman, Ras Al-Hikma, and the cities of Al-Hamam.

 Although in the eighties of the last century, these areas were completely deserted, and uninhabited by Skands.

 However, it has recently become one of the areas that attracts investors in the field of real estate development to build a large number of tourist villages, and luxury tourist resorts with integrated services.

 Therefore, the North Coast region of Egypt has become one of the most important summer destinations for those looking for recreation, entertainment, and enjoying the scenic landscapes throughout the year.

 One of the best areas of the North Coast is Ras Al-Hikma, Sidi Abdel Rahman and Sidi Hanish

  There are some necessities that the client chooses the tourist village based on its availability, including the privileged location, the cleanliness of the beach, the various services, and the prices that suit it.

 Most of the distinguished villages of the North Coast, which were built in the latest international style, are located in the heart of Ras Al-Hikma Bay, which is characterized by the availability of all the necessary and recreational services. Ras Al-Hikma is a zigzag-shaped bay characterized by calm and clear waters and low waves.

 The northern coast areas are devoid of mountains and heights compared to other coasts in the Mediterranean.

 Soil greenhouse is one of the most important features of the villages of the North Coast, in addition to the mild climate throughout the year, especially in the summer.

 In the North Coast there are several important areas that are considered the most attractive to investors, such as the city of El Alamein, Sidi Barani, the Gulf of Wisdom and the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

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