Preserve Your Loved One’s with Cremation Jewelry

One of life’s most brutal and devastating emotional experiences is losing a loved one. The emotional response to it can be different for different people; hence, the grieving process for different people can take different time. In such a difficult time, cremation jewelry is a beautiful way, a physical reminder to your loved ones and their memories to cherish forever.

The History of Cremation Jewelry

Ashes are typically placed in an urn, but as cremation has grown more commonplace, many people also select cremation jewelry to keep their loved ones close. Although the precise origin of cremation jewelry is unrecognized, it can be found in the 16th and 17th centuries. There, “memento mori”—or mourning jewelry—such as rings and pendants—symbolizes loss. Funeral and cremation jewelry has evolved through time and comes in various designs.

What is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry, aka memorial jewelry or mourning jewelry, is best referred to as urn jewelry. As the usual jewelry pieces, cremation jewelry can be worn around the neck, fingers, earrings, arm, or keychains to commemorate a loved one. 

The overall purpose of cremation jewelry is always to memorialize loved ones and keep them close to you. Available in all shapes, styles, and sizes, cremation jewelry can be found as pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, and lockets.

How does Cremation Jewelry work?

Many pieces of jewelry for cremation ashes, such as cremation urn jewelry, cremation pendants, etc., work the same. The inner compartment can store a loved one’s ashes or other sentimental items, as well as materials such as grave soil, memorial flowers, or small tufts of hair.

If you don’t know how to use it, depending on the cremation jewelry, you can wear it, display it in a particular place, or take it with you when you want to feel close to your loved ones.

What are the types of Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is available in various styles, dimensions, and metals. Regarding the type of metal, the decoration, and the design, they are entirely customizable. You can pick from solid 14K gold, solid sterling silver, solid 14K white gold, copper, stainless steel, and solid 14K gold. The most popular materials are sterling silver, which is easily moldable and has a high natural gloss, stainless steel for an enduring piece, and 14K gold for a traditional and timeless piece.

Here are the different types of cremation jewelry – 

Cremation Pendants: Anyone can wear cremation pendants, which are typically worn on necklaces. They can be found in any design, theme, or shape, making them omnipresent. You can choose your pendant’s shape, such as a heart, a cross, a star, a feather, etc. You can add jewels and elaborate engravings to them, which can be made from plated silver, stainless steel, white gold, and other metals.

Cremation Rings: Cremation rings are popular because they allow wearers to always feel and remember their loved ones. They come in various designs and hues and can be tailored entirely to make the urn fit a specific type. To give a ring a vibrant touch, you can opt to utilize charms or crystal resins. To wear in place of a wedding or promise band in honor of a spouse, cremation rings are ideal.

Cremation Keychains: To carry your loved one with you wherever you go, you can attach cremation keychains to your keys, a lanyard, or even your bag or backpack. They can be fashioned to order in a variety of designs, including hearts, urns, and pawprints, and they can be plated in gold, rose gold, white gold, or even be made of copper or stainless steel. To add a personal touch, you can decide to engrave a photo of your loved one on the keychain.

Cremation Necklaces: The perfect way to keep your loved one close to your heart is with a cremation necklace. They can be customized in various styles, dimensions, and materials, with cremation beads or an urn pendant hanging from the neck. They may be constructed of metal, wood, resin, glass, or other materials. Additionally, cremation necklaces with photos imprinted on them combine the elegance of cremation beads with a particular image of your loved one.

Cremation Jewelry Bracelets: Cremation bracelets come in various designs, such as an adjustable cuff bracelet or a bracelet with a lovely gemstone that can be embedded with your loved one’s ashes. They can come in a more conventional design where the glass beads of the bracelet are sprinkled with your loved one’s ashes. Additionally, cremation bracelets can be personalized with different hues, patterns, and materials.

Cremation Earrings: Cremation earrings are a lovely way to honor your loved one and to bring them to a special occasion with you. They come in a wide range of forms, such as drop earrings or studded earrings, and contain only a small amount of cremation ashes. Crystal resin, glass, gold, and other materials are available for you to choose from.

The Takeaway!

After deciding on the style of cremation jewelry you want to create, you can add engraved or photographed elements to make it uniquely yours. Many people choose to have critical dates or their loved one’s initial or last name engraved into the piece’s back. Even memorial notations like “forever in our hearts” and “rest in peace” might be etched onto the piece.

There is no proper method to memorialize a loved one when it comes to cremation jewelry, so no matter your needs or circumstances, you can find something to respect your loved one’s memory and keep them close to you.

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