Bobblehead dolls have become an integral part of many life events. Whether it is sports, weddings or promotional campaigns, bobble head dolls have created a special place in the heart of many people. A significant number of suppliers are making these bobbleheads in premium quality and at a competitive price point. As a customer, it is becoming difficult to choose from all the available options.

You don’t have to worry, though, as I am here to tell you about certain factors that you should consider in a supplier before placing your final order.

Quality of the product:

The first thing that you should look at in a bobblehead supplier is his work quality and the materials he uses during the manufacturing process.  The material often used to make high-grade bobbleheads is polyresin as it is non-toxic, durable and certified as of the industry standards. It also allows excellent detail in finishing and has a delightful colour vibrancy. Polymer clay is another material used because it is cheap and has a shorter processing time, but it has many disadvantages, for example, fragility, poor finishing, and pre-defined colours. Therefore, it is mandatory to first study the material used by the maker in the manufacturing process and choose the supplier using premium quality materials.

Unique and creative design ideas:

One of the most exciting things about human nature is its diversity. You rarely find two human beings with monotonous personalities. Everyone has a different choice. You cannot opt for something made for someone else. People always show more love and affection towards those things that are custom build for them. Therefore, a supplier must have a team of designers who can create unique and persuasive designs of your choice as you are paying a substantial amount of money for a personalized bobblehead. Always look for a supplier who can capture your imagination and turn it into reality.


Reasonable price:

Whenever we purchase something, we always try to find the best product at the most reasonable price. The same is the case with bobbleheads. The price of the bobble head depends on the complexity and the quantity of the order. Try to look for a supplier who is offering more services at less price. The appropriate way is to shortlist the top five suppliers who fulfil your overall demands and then compare the prices. If someone is offering premium quality products in an affordable price range, do not hesitate to press the order button. 

Awesome customer service:

Customer service is one of the most critical aspects that you should consider before choosing a particular supplier. In custom orders, customer service acts as a bridge between the buyer and a supplier. It becomes the only medium for a customer to convey his ideas and demands properly. Try to select a supplier who communicates directly by email or over the phone. Because for custom orders, direct communication with the supplier is the only way to ensure precision and satisfaction.

Careful packaging and fast delivery:

Always choose a maker who is offering proper packaging and fast delivery. Your order should be safely packed in their custom-shaped Styrofoam and a secure box. Try to find a supplier who uses DHL / UPS to send packages to customers. Usually, it takes only 3-14 days to deliver these products in any big city around the globe. A supplier should know the importance of your gift and should deliver it in the most pristine condition within the agreed period.

Bulk orders at highly competitive prices:

The manufacturing process of a bobblehead involves a mould that is made according to your design specifications. If you consider placing a bulk order with the exact design specifications, the supplier can offer you discounts of over 40%. Look for a supplier who has some prior experience in fulfilling and handling bulk orders. There is a huge possibility that a supplier will offer you an attractive price for a bulk order as the profit margins will be pretty high for them. Make sure that the supplier is offering the same quality and finishing in each piece of your order.


Money-Back Guarantee:

When searching for a supplier, try to find one offering a money-back guarantee because that shows his confidence in his product. In most cases, the supplier will refund you the whole amount apart from the cancellation fee. A Money-back guarantee is a huge sigh of relief for the customer as it ensures quality and precision, and in any case of dissatisfaction, you can have your money back. It is, in fact, a win-win situation for the customer.In the end, you are really did know how to choose the best bobblehead supplier online. Start customizing your bobblehead today