How do plumbers clear blocked drains?

Nearly everyone, at one point or another will experience a clogged drain. Soap, food, dirt, and hair are common factors responsible for clogging your gutters. The accumulation of these materials decreases the water flow and also results in a mouldy smell, which circulates across your entire home. 

Reactions to mould usually include headaches and nausea. Moreover, the accumulated water can cause various types of skin irritations. It can also cause severe issues for those who are suffering from allergies and asthma. Plumber Sydney is well-equipped to unclog and decongest the drains in your home. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at how a plumber can unclog blocked drains. 

Inspection of the Pipe 

A majority of professional plumbers will carry out an inspection of the pipe to ascertain the leading cause. With pipe inspections, plumbers can tell how well the water is running through the pipe. 

Periodic pipe inspections will alert the homeowners of leaks or the need for repairs. When the drains in your home are blocked, a pipe inspection will allow the plumber to know the reasons behind the blockage. 

Use of Plunger 

Plungers are pretty crucial while decongesting toilets. But they can also be used by plumbers to unclog drains. In most cases, plumbers attempt to unclog a drain with a plunger. In case the plunger doesn’t work, it indicates that the clog is pretty severe. 

Pipe Cameras

Usually, plumbers tend to rely a great deal on the internal view of the drains. That’s why they use pipe cameras to see what is causing the blockage. 

Pipe cameras are video cameras connected to a cable. The plumber will move the cable throughout the drain system. This allows them to see those areas which are otherwise invisible with an external inspection. 

Use of Drain Auger 

In case you don’t know, a drain auger is pretty similar to a drain snake. When compared to drain snakes, drain augers are ideal for larger pipes. Like drain snakes, drain augers can either be manual or automated. 

Cable Cleaning by Plumbers 

While dealing with a blocked drain Sydney, plumbers rely on cable cleaning methods to decongest the drain. It is worth noting here that cable cleaning fits well for both small and large plumbing jobs. 

Cable cleaning devices rely on spinning blades. These spinning blades help scraping out the accumulation inside the pipes. 

To ensure optimal cleaning, plumbers use sectional and drum cable cleaning machines. Sectional cable cleaners use a variety of cables. Sectional cable cleaning machines are pretty popular among plumbers as they can be easily handled.  

Using Hydro-Jet to decongest Drains 

If the clog is tough to remove, plumbers will use hydro-jet. As the name suggests, hydro-jet send pressurized water through the pipes to disperse the accumulation of materials causing the clog. 

Most modern-day plumbers rely on hydro-jet as it is quick and provides practical solutions. The strength of the water helps to get rid of the residue. This tool also prevents the probability of future drain clogs. 

Professional plumbers rely on a wide variety of ways to unclog your drains. Contact an experienced plumber in case of drain congestion. 

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