Painting the office – how to chose the right colour? 

Working environment is crucial both for you and your customers. The arrangement influences the way you work, boosts productivity and shapes your customer’s opinion. Do you want to paint the office, but have no idea what colour to choose? Here are crucial factors you should take into consideration.

Hire professional painting team

If you work in a specific industry and deal with reputable people, your office must also look like a professional environment for business. You should definitely hire experienced painting and decorating company in London with excellent skills that will perfectly manage all the cumbersome painting tasks.

Consider the purpose of your space

Wall colours can differ from one industry to another. You have already noticed that professional offices as banks and similar institutions often paint the inside in the shades of grey, while many restaurants decide to use red colour as it is proved to increase the appetite. Retail spaces often stick to the bold colours to attract customers’ attention. Carefully think about the purpose of your space and if you have any doubts, just turn to the painting team for advice.

Check the amount of natural light

When it comes to space, it is similar to painting your house interior. Big rooms with a number of windows are bright enough and do not demand light colours on the walls. On the other hand, if your office is small and lacks windows or have just one, the interior definitely needs to be brightened up. Examine the amount of natural light and decide whether you stay with bright colours or prefer to have your wall painted in darker shades.

Temperature in the office

Surprisingly, the temperature inside your office might be visually modified by the wall paint. If you want to warm the space up, choose shades of red, yellow and orange. Many investors choose peach to subtly highlight the character of the office. What colour should be taken into consideration if you want to visually cool down the interior? Light shades of blue, mint and green would be the right choice.

Paint colour and productivity

Paint colour not only highlights the character of the interior, but also influences your mood and energy level. Difficult to believe? Ask an experienced decorating company in London for advice, and you will hear that blue paint stimulates the mind and can create a physical state of calm and relaxation, while green paint – as a signifier of growth – is associated with balance and reassurance.

If you want the office to be a synonym of luxury and quality, think of painting the walls purple. Years ago it became the colour of royalty and nowadays is strongly linked with wealth and power. Are you a reliable businessman in the eyes of your customer? Paint your office in brown and beige shades to create a feeling of safety and security. This is the colour many law offices use in their interiors, using also a pinch of black that stands for efficiency and prominence. If you opt for red, it means energy, determination and intensity are your priorities.