How to Sell a House For Sale By Owner!

Reports state that 420,000 FSBO transactions are happening annually. These represent around $84B in total sales value. The owner sells roughly 7% of homes. However, FSBO homes sell for an average of 26% less than agented homes.The reason for a low percentage of FSBO house sellers is that many get stuck on the crucial question of “how to sell a house for sale by owner“. Due to a lack of information and help, many home sellers find it hard to market their houses and get potential earnings. 

Indeed, selling a house FSBO is a tough job, as the person is responsible for selling their house. But, the current real estate market heat has brought many opportunities and potential as you will find many “NC Cash Home Buyers” or naked to market your property for sale by the owner.

To help you out-market your house at a considerable value, we’ve constructed some essential steps and information for you to follow.

How to sell a house by owner? 

A FSBO refers to a method of listing a property for sale. A “Selling a house” on his or her own without the help of an agent or broker is referred to as a For Sale By Owner. 

A seller chooses this option to avoid paying a real estate agent a commission to sell at a reduced price. As no realtor is involved, the FSBO home seller must follow essential instructions. Here are the steps to sell your house FSBO. 

Make your house look the finest

The most important and basic step to selling your house by owner is to make it look its best. Your duties include painting and staging your property. Keep it clean and make necessary repairs to showcase your house attractive to the buyer because ‘well begun is half done… Make a strong impression of your home and yourself, so the buyer won’t regret utilizing his time at your place. 

Create an attractive property description

The property description is as necessary as building an impression ahead of the buyer. The reason is that the property description will represent your house and justify its value. 

It will also grab the buyer’s attention and help the other person look interested in your property. All you need to do is highlight the features of your property, mention amenities and make a catchy headline. Make the details look understandable. 

Market your house for sale by the owner

Your property needs exposure to the market and should reach the eye of house buyers. As per stats, 95% of home buyers search and review homes online. 

In such a scenario, advertise it online combined with other marketing strategies to gain maximum exposure for your home. The most beneficial and powerful method to gain maximum exposure for your property is to list on MLS. 

Zillow Review

Zillow is the largest and most reliable real estate market in the United States. The platform accumulates more than 40 million unique users each month. Zillow is the most professional real estate website, providing end-to-end service with an on-demand experience for selling, buying, renting, or financing. Listing on MLS through Zillow is a non-tiring task. 

How to list on MLS through Zillow?

Listing a home on Zillow for sale by the owner is a great way to attract potential buyers. As discussed, selling your home by owner can save you realtor fees, but it’s a complex and time-consuming process.

The homes listed on Zillow’s website are provided directly from the Multiple Listing Service, a database that promotes properties sold by local realtors. However, if you’re posting FSBO and don’t have a home in MLS, you can manually assign it to Zillow. You can visit the company website for the same.

Zillow provides its clients with the maximum exposure as they have an average of 160 million monthly users. The platform brings thousands of potential buyers to your location. So far, nearly 64% of buyers were found on Zillow’s platform. The home buyers at Zillow are said to be proficient and negotiable. 

As a For Sale By Owner home seller, you have complete control over every aspect of selling your property. You can set your selling price, create a list of Zillow, and negotiate with the buyer.

Besides reaching a larger audience online, Zillow helps you save money on agent fees and even flat rates. The best part about Zillow is you can post properties to Zillow’s platform for free. These facilities cover your question of ‘how to list on MLS through Zillow

The website will provide you with the latest updates and information on other accurate estate-related advice when you log in. Zillow can be your best fit to list your house on MLS. reviews reviews state that the company is one of the oldest For Sale by Owner sites. The platform is available nationwide and offers several cost-effective packages. We advise you to opt for the $399.95 package, which includes MLS listings and extras, for great value.

How to list on MLS through

The platform operates on outdated technology while the significant processes are manual. Once you opt for selling a house by owner, the company will refer you to a local broker covering your area/state, and your property will be listed on the local MLS. 

However, with, brokers are not onboarded on the platform, so you have no control over your selling experience. The site does offer additional options like lockboxes, yard signs, etc., but the price is predetermined.

Learn more about them at Reviews.

Final Words

If you don’t wish to pay someone thousands of dollars to sell your property, FSBO is the best method for you. However, the technique will only earn you big deals and buyers if you do your homework right and follow the steps we’ve mentioned above. 

Listing your property on Zillow and will complete half of the work. Check the ‘How to list on MLS through Zillow’ and ‘ reviews’ sections to learn more about the platform.