Property Sales and Lettings

Real estate is a very wise investment.  Very often people will purchase properties with the intention of letting it out to renters and enjoying an income stream.  Other times, the property is ready to be resold either to relocate from your current residence or in order to reap a profit from the previous purchase allowing you to reinvest those funds.  Whatever the reason, it is best to work with an estate agent.


Owning a home to rent to others is a great way to increase your monthly income.  Estate agents are invaluable in achieving your goal.  They can come to the property you intend to rent to the public and evaluate its options.  Because they work in this field, they are able to assess any improvements that may make the property more desirable, give you a good idea of what the property will rent for given the current market and location, and some information about the legal implications of a landlord. 

If you like, they can also act as a leasing agent that would include advertising, agent presence at all viewings, vetting the potential tenants, and sample agreements.  As the agreements are signed, the estate agent may also advise the new tenant of their responsibilities including utilities, provide an inventory of included items or appliances, and answer any questions.

The estate agent may perform similar duties when the property in question is designated for commercial use.  Commercial use property is different from residential because the agent needs to be aware of not only space requirements but the nature of the business to be conducted.  An office space need is very different from manufacturing or retail sales.  Location and competition are critical elements that the estate agent can research and provide valuable input for both the owner and lessee.


Using the services of an estate agent is a key component to the successful sale of either residential or commercial property.  They are able to provide detailed advertising, including quality photographs, on just the right sites to provide the best exposure for your property.  They save you valuable time and effort in vetting the potential buyers to be sure their financing is in place and showing the property, including open houses, if appropriate.

Estate agents are detail oriented and will provide regular updates on the progress throughout the selling process.  They can offer suggestions and feedback on the potential buyers and renters and can respond quickly when interest is shown.  They are always up to date about market trends and location pricing.  This will save you hours of research and keep you at the forefront of the real estate market.

Choose an Acton estate agents that will provide the best level of customer service and has a reputation for honest and completed sales and rentals.  They should listen carefully and be able to respond to your inquiries and keep you informed about progress or lack thereof.  With the expertise and guidance of a good estate agent, you can be successful in selling or letting residential or commercial properties.

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