6 Home Projects To Increase Your Property’s Value

A property’s value can be based on its market value and a few additions and features that other houses don’t have in the same area. Real estate agents also have their parameters or rules when it comes to gaining the best closing sale price for a property. Of course, home inspectors also have a say on the results.  

As much as you want to boost your home’s selling price, you also want to make sure you won’t run out of budget. Therefore, if you’re selling your home soon, you might want to check reputable online sources, such as https://www.thepropertydaily.co.uk/, for relevant information on how to increase your property’s value without spending that much.  

Consider the following home projects below to reap greater returns when you sell your property in the future:

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is every home’s heart because it’s where the family prepares meals. It’s also the corner of your house that future buyers will be interested in looking. 

Your kitchen remodeling plan doesn’t have to be so fancy. A simple and effective kitchen remodel project will already make a good difference in your kitchen ambiance. 

The secret to save money in a minor kitchen remodel is replacing cabinet fronts with a trendy or updated style, such as stylish functional shaker cabinet fronts, leaving the old cabinet boxes in place. Opening up the space to make your kitchen bigger is also a good idea. Resizing huge tables and cabinets as well as repurposing them can save you materials and update your kitchen’s style at the same time. 

Install Energy-Efficient Windows 

If you plan to stay in your home for many years, installing energy-efficient windows can save you so much money from energy bills and increase your property’s value in the long run. Energy Star states that installing Energy Star-rated windows can save you up to USD$500 in heating and cooling costs every year by making your living space more energy efficient. 

You can also recoup the money for adding new windows by getting a 10% tax credit and additional credits from your utility company and your state. 

Construct A Deck 

If you have a knack for woodwork or construction, adding a deck to your property can add value to your home. The cost of constructing a deck depends on the materials and features you want to add such as seating areas and plant pot areas.  

Get Rid Of Mold 

Remember that proper property management can add value to your precious home. Buyers prefer to buy homes that are solid and well maintained, which means that molds are a major turnoff. So, get rid of molds as soon as you can. 

While you probably have read DIY ways to remove mold on the walls, floors, and ceilings, hiring professional mold removal services is highly advised. Mold can be harmful to the body, and removing it yourself without proper safety gear and the right technique can only compromise your health.  

Touch Up Paint 

You don’t have to repaint your entire house to make it look fresh and new. You can update the overall look of your interior by applying modern colors of fresh paint. Choose light, neutral wall colors. They’re a good palette for home resale because potential buyers can imagine their belongings displayed in a neutral-colored space. 

If you have a tight budget, you can touch up any chips or flaking. A little paint application goes a long way. Paint is inexpensive and this home project doesn’t require the hands of a professional. You can just paint the trim and front door to highlight this focal point.  

Backyard deck overlooking lake outside residential structure

Paints with high volatile organic compounds (VOC) have high levels of dangerous chemicals, such as benzene. So, use low-VOC paint to make your home project environmentally friendly and healthy for you. In addition, pressure washing your exterior is a good idea to remove mold and dirt. 

Minor Bathroom Remodeling 

Skip the frameless glass shower enclosures, heated towel racks, heated floors, and body spray fixtures. Go for new, standard fixtures and ceramic tile floors, which are easier on the pocket. Changing your old mirror to a full-size frameless mirror is another way to upscale your bedroom style. 


If you’re planning to sell your property in the future, you should consider performing the home projects mentioned above. Home projects don’t need to be fancy. Simple finishing, retouching, and changing things into energy-efficient ones can provide a great amount of savings for your family. 

Moreover, when the time comes that you decide to sell your home, you’re more confident that its price value is higher than what you previously imagined.

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