5 ideas to improve your garden space

If you’re like us, chances are you’re relishing every liberating moment of spring sunshine! With the mercury slowly rising in tandem with relaxing lockdown restrictions, now is the time to get your outdoor area ready and raring for the summer. So, whether you’ve got a big garden or small but perfectly formed yard, here are some neat ideas you can employ to improve your space.

Install a polytunnel

Homegrown fruit and vegetables taste better than shop-bought – we won’t be convinced otherwise. A polytunnel is a great way to start growing your own crop as they’re cheaper than greenhouses, and are quick and easy to install, and offer practically all the green-thumbed benefits you need. It’s a perfect addition to any garden, whether you love a refreshing summer salad, want to start making your own homegrown hot chilli sauces, or simply can’t get enough of aubergines, courgettes, and cucumbers!

Build a bee hotel

Bees – especially those of the bumble variety – are the gentle giants of the insect world, but sadly, they’re under threat from pesticides. You can give these fuzzy buzzys a leg up by building a bee hotel and putting it in a secluded spot in your garden. All you need are a few bits and bobs, and you’ll be able to create a place where solitary bee species can make their homes in peace. Check out Friends of the Earth’s guide on how to make one.

Ge some garden furniture

Whether you’re looking for a white cast iron bistro-style set or are happy going with classic green plastic, a proper set of garden furniture will entice you to make the most out of the beautiful weather. If you don’t fancy buying a new set, head to a second-hand site like Gumtree and get bargain hunting.

Be barbecue-ready

After a long winter of cooking indoors, a barbecue is just the thing you and your garden need. Build your own barbecue pit if you’re into DIY or simply buy a cheap kettle-style coal cooker, then master your outdoor cooking skills with these simple tips that will firmly bestow on you the title of king or queen of the grill!

Light up your outdoor space

As the evenings get longer and warmer, you can get even more hours of relaxation out of your garden with beautiful outdoor lighting. Garden-friendly fairy lights can give a lovely, festival-style aesthetic, or invest in some smart-looking wall lights for a more permanent solution. Solar-powered lighting is a must-have too, taking the effort out of installation and being much more sustainable than battery-powered lamps.

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