Everything You Need to Know About The Watergardens at Canberra Condo

Living in a condo is the best option for many around the world. They offer a peaceful yet modern life without the hassles that come with regular house maintenance. Not to mention the public facilities around the condo that are often within walking distance.

If you are someone looking for modern, newly built condos, then you might have read about the watergardens at canberra condo. Here are the watergardens at Canberra floor plan and everything you need to know about them:

Where is it Located?

The watergardens at Canberra are located alongside the Canberra drive right next to the NRT station in district twenty-seven. It’s close enough that you can easily walk to the station. Other close locations include the Canberra Vista and the Sembawang Springs.

What is its Size?

The watergardens at Canberra floor plan encompasses a staggering area of over two hundred and ninety-six square feet. There are going to be sixteen buildings, each five-story high. This comes out to around four hundred and forty-eight unique household units of varying sizes and shapes.

What Sizes of Units are Going to be Available?

The planned size of available apartment units in the watergardens at Canberra floor plan includes three options; two, three, and four-bedroom configurations with things like bathrooms in accordance with the number of bedrooms.

Will There be Any Facilities for Families With Children?

Yes, everything you need as a parent will be available. There is a daycare within the complex, making matters much easier for working parents. There are also numerous high-quality schools available in the area. These schools include the Yishun primary school as well as the Sembawang primary and secondary school.

What is the Shopping Situation?

One disadvantage of living in some old renovated condos is that they tend to be far away from shops. Not just malls and other shopping facilities but supermarkets for grocery shopping as well. This isn’t an issue with the watergardens at Canberra. The location is extremely close to all sorts of shopping areas. The nearby plaza provides a nice relaxing shopping option, while the supermarkets allow for fast-to-the-point grocery shopping.

When is it Going to be Finished?

The show flat is going to open fairly soon for everyone to see what the future holds, but the entire project is planned to be finished completely by late 2025 and early 2026.

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