Understanding the Importance of Regular Pest Inspections

If someone were asked when pest inspections should be made, they might say ‘just before a purchase’, ‘when bidding at an auction’, ‘if renting or reselling your home’, or ‘when building your own house’. All of these are true. Even more obvious is the need for help when a specific issue has been identified. 

Whether a building is used for residential or commercial purposes, the reality is that pest checks should be regular. This should be on an annual basis at least. It’s usually during the spring and summer that such creatures are most active. But are such checks really necessary, especially when there are no observable signs of infestation? The answer is yes, and we’ll now find out the reasons why. 

Infestations Can Be Costly

One report in the USA said that around 600,000 homes are affected each year by pest infestations. This cost around $30 billion annually to rectify. 

Fortunately, there are professional services that can be employed to help. According to the pest specialists at www.asbir.com.au, the public are actively looking online for fully licensed and insured professionals to help them. They want to receive reports identifying any issues regarding their house structure, moisture, leaks, safety, or such infestations as those from termites. 

Whilst a layperson could make basic checks of a home, a professional would be able to use modern technology to make a thorough assessment. This might include thermal imaging cameras, borescopes, 3D reporting systems, and moisture detection meters. Whilst these companies do not operate for free, they can save homeowners money in the long run. 

Issues Can Be Identified Early

Some medical conditions could have been treated if they had been diagnosed earlier. The same thing applies to household pests. Timber homes can become structurally vulnerable to attack and damage. Ants love to nest inside the wood, and termites can wreak havoc there too. Should things get out of hand, this could become a major safety issue. A person may be faced with a house insurance claim or major repair bills.

If rodents discover somewhere that can provide limitless food, they can breed at an alarming rate. Imagine eight new creatures being born every three weeks from one mother. A female mouse can produce 650 babies in just half a year. 

They Protect Our Health

Health is something no one can put a price on. When carpets and upholstery become infested with fleas or other culprits, people may develop respiratory issues. Such conditions as allergies or Asthma could become provoked. 

Rodents can carry diseases, bacteria, and viruses. They leave a trail of urine and feces behind them as they go. Sadly, many people have died from rodent-related conditions such as Tetanus, Salmonellosis, or Rat Bite Fever. 

Everyone wants to live in a safe house. When rats or mice chew through electrical wiring, it can do more than stop things from working. It can increase the chances of having a house fire, which could put human lives at risk. 

They Can Identify Outdoor Vulnerabilities

Different regions have different threats, and professional companies are able to advise on these. They can also make recommendations for house owners. It may be that a person keeps their firewood or bins within 15 feet of the house, thus attracting pests towards the home. There may be shrubs or branches hanging over the top of the house or windows, creating an accessway for wasps, flies, ants, or cockroaches. 

Alternatively, the garden may be untidy, with unmown lawns and lots of rubbish. They can become breeding grounds for unwanted pests. 

They Can Identify Indoor Issues

A kitchen may be dirty, with food fragments on the floor. Food residue could attract cockroaches or rodents. Alternatively, there could be holes that act as doorways for pests. Slugs can enter small spaces, and they may be near electrical wiring or plumbing. Some bugs such as cockroaches love damp conditions, and the use of extractor fans and proper room insulation are effective ways to combat both. 

A certified contractor would be able to identify the presence of eggs inside carpets. Amazingly, carpet moths can lay 150 eggs in less than a week. Carpet beetles give birth to larvae which can attack rug fibers. Fleas can hide in carpets, especially around the edges. In turn, they can bite, particularly around a person’s ankles. 

A person’s home is likely to be their biggest asset. It is therefore crucial that they steward it correctly. When pest inspections are regularly made, it can help maintain such things as safety and house structure, cleanliness, and control pests.