Creative Home Renovation Ideas

Home renovation and redesigning is a dream of many. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed with so many ideas and endless decisions that have to be made. What most homeowners forget is that even small changes in the home can create huge differences and amp up the property’s value. The following blog covers some creative home renovation ideas.

Add Some Colors in the Home 

Choosing the right paints and designs for the home can make all the difference in the family. As the backdrop of all the interiors in the home, a perfect color combination can uplift not only the look of the home but also the mood of the homeowner. No wonder why professional painting services in Suwanee are so common. With the help of professional painters in Atlanta, a welcoming and warm interior can be created. 

For instance, a color block with two shades like red and lavender can give an adventurous look to the space like game rooms. Matte colors can give an elegant look to places like the entryway to leave a wonderful first impression. Professional painting services in Suwanee and independent painting contractors in Atlanta recommend using a mix of color schemes instead of only using white to give a good look to the entire home. Although a white palette can provide a clean look to the home, vibrant and bright colors can add a better contrast to the room and make it feel more lively.

Upgrade the Kitchen with an Island

A kitchen island is one of the best incorporations in a kitchen, which can enhance the storage area, add more counter space, and provide more seating options. Plus, there are many types and designs of kitchen islands available in the market. A great way to improve the kitchen design is to put racks above the counter and make it a minibar. The counter can also be used to store additional items, such as electrical appliances, further increasing the functionality of the kitchen

Then, depending on the kitchen’s designs, the kitchen island can be elevated with a suitable color scheme and designs. Texture can also be added to the room according to the conditions of the cabinetry. 

Use Lightning to Create a Focal Point

Lighting fixtures like low-hanging pendant lights and spotlights can also create a more lively look in the home. These lights can curate an interesting focal point in the room, bringing attention to the interior like paintings on the wall. Even if you are renting a luxury apartment in North Bergen or a townhome in Tuscaloosa.

Lights can also be added above the table or countertop, which can also be a visual treat for the home. Materials such as marble, recycled glass, and granite are quite suitable when it comes to lightning. 

Try New Shapes

Rectangular shapes of furniture are quite common in most households. However, homeowners can experiment with new styles and shapes to add a better look to their homes. For instance, curved countertops, L-shaped couches, and customized stools can add more life to the space while increasing the floor area. Small spaces like bathrooms can also benefit from curved countertops and textured mirrors to turn a dull space into a bright retreat.  

Greenery Can Do Wonders

Be it fake plants in the kitchen window or shade trees in the garden, they can make any space ten times better. Plants not only add more color to the space but also help make the space cool and airy. For instance, shade trees in the garden can help in fighting the damaging UV rays of the sun. Especially if the house is located in a dry region, opting for low-water and drought-tolerant plants is a good idea. 

A raised garden bed can also be installed in the landscape. The garden can be used to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Plus, it can also decorate the exterior of the home and add value to the overall property. Organic and self-reliance produce can also be effective. 

Improve the Hallway of the Home

The entryway or the hallway of the home makes the first impression on anyone entering the house. Some houses have walled-off entries. Others have rounded hallways. Bigger houses have open hallways. The best way to renovate the hallway or entry is to welcome light. Some entryways might have access to natural light through the window. If there is no window, a beautiful lighting fixture can be used to ensure the hallway is well-lit at any time. 

Fix the Hooks and Knobs of the Home

The best way to keep the home updated is to fix any damaged part in the house regularly. Doing so can keep the house beautiful and avoid further problems. Outlet covers, doorknobs, switch plates, and hooks are all the fixtures that tend to deteriorate with time. Updating them regularly can keep the house top-notch. 

Deal With Awkward Layouts

Many houses come with awkward layouts, which can pose an interesting challenge for renovation projects. To deal with awkward layouts, the best way is to split them into smaller zones for specific purposes, such as a dining area and a home oasis. Long and narrow rooms can be particularly difficult to deal with. However, with cozier decorations, these rooms can also look good. For instance, smaller rooms can be converted into study rooms or play areas for families with kids. To include more storage space, cabinets can be placed in the room to store items. 


Renovation doesn’t have to be an expensive project. The interior and exterior of the home can be improved simply by changing the color of the walls, adding new lighting fixtures, or incorporating new furniture items in the home. Smaller spaces can be improved by installing cabinets. Plants can also improve both the feel and look of the home extensively. Looking for professional painting contractors in Atlanta? Contact Freeland Painting today to get a free quote and discuss the project needs. 


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