Best and healthy food recipes for your kids

Watching your kids get weak every day is an indescribable pain for every parent. The worst thing is the guilt, many mothers have mentioned that they feel helpless when they are the cook, but their kid is still weak. Mothers think that it is merely their fault that they are not cooking well. However, it is just an assumption, kids are quite stubborn naturally, and their inquisitive nature does not let them build any sufficient interest in food. This natural aloofness of kids is no doubt an irritation but, if you look at cooking and healthy eating as a crucial process, then you would think of hiring some good cooks in to maintain a healthy and standardized food at your home.

When you think of hiring a cook, you may think about it as an easy task, but nowadays, a cook has become a luxury. You need to do a bit of research to get the best cooking services because, to be honest, if you do not have delicious food, then you are missing one of the best blessings. is offering some excellent services regarding cooking issues.

Let us move on to our topic; healthy food does not always mean unattractive and mundane tasting food. Yummy food can also be healthy; it merely depends on the cook.

Home-made Tacos

Try some home-made tacos with more vegetables and boiled meat. You will need the sweet potatoes for the bottom filling, the mushroom and chicken sauté, and many fresh vegetables along with the complimentary corn tortillas. For making it healthy, you must add Greek yogurt, and add crushed roasted cumin to the yogurt for giving an excellent flavor to the yogurt.

Baked potato wedges

You probably think of deep-frying the potato wedges, but if you do not approve of a lazy childish attitude, you must try to avoid oils as much as you can. Bake the spiced potato wedges and serve with mayonnaise or BBQ sauce.

Baked banana ice-cream

Are your kids crazy for ice-cream? Wait, do not panic; make their ice-cream healthier. You only need a few bananas, bake them in the oven for 114 Fahrenheit. Now let the bananas cool down, now add the ice-cream to it and sprinkle some roasted nuts.

Fruit salsa

If you have toddlers with you, you probably let them have salsa, which is quite spicy. No worries, you can create a fruit salsa for them, you only need mint and orange juice and a few fruits of your kid’s choice. Chop them and make a chat salsa for them.

Light mac and cheese

Naturally, mac and cheese are a heavy dish, and your kid would only take a few bites, but you can have a lighter version of it. The trick is to use skimmed milk mozzarella cheese and low-fat Swiss cheese. This would not make your kids lazy.

Granola bars

8.24Have you ever tried dark chocolate in granola bars? Try this time; you must also use a lot of raisins and natural glue rather than use sugar. Or add honey or dates for making it sweeter. You, along with your kids, have these bars as lunch and energy snacks.