Kitchen Organization Hacks With A Designer Touch

It’s no surprise that the most hated chore in the U.S. is washing dishes – as found in a recent OnePoll survey. As is the case with other kitchen-related tasks, dishwashing is a task that involves not only cleaning items, but also organizing them afterwards in such a way that they are clearly accessible the next time you need them. Proper organization can make kitchen chores considerably burdensome, but it can also make your kitchen a much more aesthetically-pleasing place. The following hacks can help turn your kitchen into an object worthy of contemplation, as well as a place in which to cook, clean, and store food-related items.

Cleanliness Before Beauty

Before reorganizing and decorating your kitchen, it’s important to ensure that your kitchen is spotless so that moving appliances, furniture and equipment is a breeze. Cleaning appliances frequently helps them last, which is an added bonus. Appliances should be cleaned with soft, non-abrasive sponges and cloths, and simple solutions like warm soap and water. For appliances that tend to gather grease – such as ovens – use a DIY cleaning paste made of baking soda and water, allowing your solution to soak for a few minutes, before tackling them with a cloth dipped into warm water and vinegar. Baking soda is also a lifesaver for dishwashers: run your dishwasher once a month with vinegar and baking soda, and pull out trays after every wash to ensure no food bits are trapped beneath the tray and the appliance door. 

Displaying Vintage Pieces

Whether you have a beautiful collection of cast iron pots and pans, or you have collected pretty vintage jars over the years, take these pieces out of your drawers and create a display wall in a chosen corner of your kitchen. Paint the display area your favorite hue, and consider mixing it up with other finishes – including mixed metals, wood or concrete. Use hooks to hang up pots, and set up makeshift wooden shelves for jars, designer bowls, and curious looking appliances.

Creating A Gourmet Corner

If you have a large kitchen and you’re into coffee, tea, chocolate, or other gourmet goods, creating a dedicated gourmet corner is another excellent way to free up storage space for items you actually want to keep out of view. Decorate your corner with cute wood-carved signs, cups, jars and utensils. Make sure it is stocked with your favorite beans, pods and tea varieties so that guests paying you a visit can feel like they’ve just visited a sophisticated coffee shop. To organize your equipment, create an open-shelf system that will help you make the most of the available space while avoiding the cost of having built-in storage furniture fitted in your kitchen.

Creating A Vertical Garden

If you love growing and consuming your own herbs (think basil, chives, dill and tarragon) in your cooking, take these herbs off your shelves, as they can take up too much space and look a little messy. Use an empty wall to hang up your herbs, using vintage jars for an extra special touch. Rather than hanging them directly on the wall, use distressed wood planks for support. They will add an artistic effect to your installation, provided they are symmetrical and in good condition.

Kitchen tasks are often some of the most disliked for homeowners because they involve both cleaning and organization. Tackle untidiness by thinking of ways to turn your kitchen into a work of art. Build vertical walls with herbs, display your beautiful pots and pans, and create a gourmet corner. Using wall space to its full potential will ensure that your cabinets can household items that are less pleasing to the eye (albeit necessary for your culinary creations).