Should I Add Wood Shingles to My Home?

Wood shingles are an impressive option that you can choose for the top of your home. While many homeowners will go for something like asphalt or even metal on their roofs, you will find that adding on some wood shingles can add an element of elegance and strength that is really attractive on many homes. But what are some of the benefits of choosing wood shingles as the shingle of choice for your home?

Curb Appeal

One of the first reasons that homeowners may choose to go with wood roofing is the curb appeal. Wood roofs look really unique and will make your home stand out from all of the others on the block. They will often start out with a wood color that is lighter and then as it starts to age, it can turn into a silver-gray or a dark brown color. Both of these will be attractive from the street and can make your home one of the best on the block.

Good Wind Resistance

If you live in an area that tends to get a lot of wind that you are worried about, then you may want to go with some wood shingles for your home. These are much better than some of the other materials for roofing when it comes to the wind and can make sure that you will not need to do a ton of repairs along the way.

In fact, wood shingles are able to withstand wind speeds that can go up to 245 miles per hour in some areas. Of course, the exact amount that you will have will depend on the size and the cut of the wood pieces that are on your roof, so you will need to discuss this with the professionals who help put it on your roof.

The Price

When homeowners are looking at some of the options available to help them take care of their roof and make some changes, they may be worried that wood will be too expensive. This can cause a lot of them to go with something else because they do need to stay within a budget. But the price to get wood shingles put on your home is very similar to the price for other types of roofing material you may choose.

Depending on the size of material you get and the type of wood that you choose for your shingles, you may find that the price will be between $175 to $300 per square. This price is not going to include the amount that the roofing company will charge you to put the wood shingles onto the roof, so keep that in mind when budgeting what you would need,

Impact Resistance

The good news is that wood is often considered a very durable material when it comes to how it handles impact on it. The thicker the wood shingle, the more durable it will be against all of these impacts. Wood shingles can be designed to work well, even with some high impact against it. And it is rated at a class 4 rating for this as well, helping the roof stay in place and damage free for a long time to come.

Life Expectancy

When you choose to get wood shingles put on your roof, you will find that the life expectancy is going to be pretty long. The amount of time that the roof is going to last in place will depend on how well you maintain the roof, the cut type, the edge of the grain, the thickness, and the style of shingle that you get done as well.

Even with all of that taken into consideration, you can generally expect that this kind of shingle is going to last between 20 to 30 years for you. You can talk to the roofing company you choose to use to figure out exactly how long the roof should last and some of the maintenance tips that you can use to help it last longer.


The repairs that you would need to do on your wood roof can be very easy to do. It may be as simple as removing a damaged piece and then sliding something new in its place. This can make it a good option if you do not want to worry about extensive repairs if something happens to the roof. Even with the ease of fixing it, it is a good idea to hire the professionals to come and do the work for you.

Energy Savings

When you want to make sure that your home is as energy efficient as possible, then you need to choose wood shingle for your needs. Wood roofs are able to naturally add some more insulation to the home compared to other roofing materials. You can also add some additional insulation to the home before the shingles are even put in place. This will ensure that you save a lot of money while keeping your home at the proper temperature all year long.


Along with saving you a ton of money on energy bills throughout the year, you will find that wooden shingles are going to be good for the environment. When the roof is older and you need to get it replaced, you will find that it is possible to recycle the shingles or dispose of them in a manner that will not be bad for the environment. Most manufacturers who work with wood shingles also take the time to plant new trees to help replace the wood that is used for your shingles, helping the environment even more.

When you are looking into new roofing for your home, you need to consider the right professionals who will be able to get it done. Our team at New View Roofing will be able to work with you to choose out the right shingle material that will stick out from the rest and can look amazing in no time. Don’t leave your new shingles and roofing project to just anyone. Trust our team to be there every step of the way to help you pick out something amazing to protect your home.