Remodeling Trends For 2022: Colors, Shapes and Beyond

If you’re planning to remodel your home in the near future, you might be wondering what the most popular trends will be.  When it comes to colors, it’s important to think about how they affect you and your family on a psychological level.

Therefore, take the following trends only as inspiration, and feel free to modify them to your personal needs.

Japandi Design

We tend to see an increase in Japandi minimalism and glass lighting during this time of year. Japandi design focuses on clean lines, hard edges, and simple color schemes. 

By keeping the space uncluttered and bare, your rooms will have an overall sense of openness, while still maintaining a cohesive look that makes them feel like they belong together.

Glass Lighting

Glass lighting has been trending for several years now, and we don’t see the trend slowing down anytime soon. It’s a great way to light up a room without breaking up the walls or adding any clutter or visual noise.  

If you are up for high-class lighting, the Czech hand-blown glass is the world’s most appreciated type of glass. It comes in a great variety of designs and colors. Thus, adding a hanging pendant lamp made of this glass will not only make the stylish atmosphere in your living room but also say a lot about your refined taste.

Sustainable Living

The hard years that are now behind us taught us a lesson on how important nature is for our lives. Therefore, people begin thinking about the environment and try to introduce more sustainable lifestyle habits.

Therefore, designers turn to indigenous cultures for ideas. They tend to use more eco-friendly materials and natural colors. Furniture is comfortable yet simple. Except for consideration with the environment, such design reflects oneness with nature, focus, and personal resilience. 

Nature Enters Our Homes

Surrounding your family with plants is always a great idea. The human eye naturally rests while watching the green color. Besides, nurturing a living being and watching it grow is an experience we need within our homes.

Additionally, don’t forget the garden. It is a perfect time to have the sod lawn you always wanted. Also, evergreen bushes or decorative outdoor vases with some easy-to-maintain plants can do wonders for your garden this spring.

Velvet Is In Again

Speaking about the materials, designers point out that velvet is going to be an absolute favorite of 2022. 

On the one hand, velvet brings an inviting softness to your bedroom or living room. It is very pleasant and gentle to the touch. Also, it is a warm and elegant material at the same time.

In terms of design, it goes quite well with objects that contrast it with coldness and sharpness, such as shiny metal decorations.

Smart Furniture

Our high-tech age invites designers to make their creations accordingly. Therefore, homes remodeled in 2022 will see a lot of technology blending with furniture. For example, there will be accent tables hiding speakers and controls. Or, a remote control could make a sliding shelf reveal a smart TV. 

At the same time, technology will adapt to the rules of design as well. Except for producing high-quality sound, speakers will be valued more if they come in a stylish layout that fuses in the surrounding decor.

Light Floors, Light Homes

Floors in light colors (white, beige, and similar) are becoming popular. The bright colors reflect the natural light, creating a sunny atmosphere within your home. 

Light floors are particularly suitable for small places, with little windows and not enough natural light. Therefore, painting the old floors into white colors is a great way to refresh your living space.

Strong Contrasts

If you would like to bring the feeling of intensity and resolution to your home, introducing contrasting colors and shapes is a good strategy. 

For instance, many designers make a contrast by confronting the dark floors and ceilings with bright walls and furniture. Another way of doing it is through color. Thus, if you have red furniture, putting an olive-green rug and curtains could make a great difference.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are freestanding units, usually placed near the cooking area and surrounded by chairs. They are at the same time a place for preparing food and a place for family breakfast. 

They have been gaining popularity for several years now, and the trend goes on to 2020. High functionality and great contribution to smart space utilization is what makes them so popular among homeowners.

Colors: Green, Black, and White

The world’s main preoccupation these days is wellbeing. The designers are well aware of that, and they believe 2022 is going to be the year of green, black, and white colors.

On the one hand, green comforts our eye strain and reminds us of vegetation and nature’s freshness. 

At the same time, white and black are colors that never get out of fashion. They invite us to go back to basics and heal the overstimulation of modern life.

Organic and Curvy Contours

As for shapes and curves? You guessed it: organic shapes and curves are all the rage! We’re seeing lots of wavy lines, swirls, and curlicues everywhere from bathroom mirrors to kitchen decoration accessories. And it’s no surprise—organic shapes create a sense of connection between spaces  

Having a sofa, a coffee table, or chairs with curvy lines in the living room could make your home look unique. It is a new trend, so not many homes have it. 

Besides, details in unusual shapes, such as bathroom mirrors, contribute to the space being experienced as glamorous, welcoming, and friendly.

Designers suggest that angled walls are another way of breaking the monotony of squared shapes. Additionally, decorating angled walls can make new focal points and create unusual spaces. They will impress visitors with originality and add a brink of eccentricity to your home. 

Freestanding Bathtubs

Why not make a romantic and classy bathroom this year? If you are a fan of vintage design, a freestanding bathtub could make your special place for relaxation and self indulgence.

The choice of colors, materials and designs is limitless. What you want is to match the freestanding bathtub with the rest of your bathroom’s design.


From the trends announced by the designers, we can read an overall tendency to go back to nature, its shapes, colors, and freshness. Therefore, finding a way for natural elements and high-tech inspired details to coexist is the recipe for successful interior design.

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