Everything You Need To Know to Choose Between Steel Frame Or Wood Home Kits

If you have decided to build your own home, or at least get professionals to build it for you, then you’ll be faced with hundreds of decisions. Some of these are relatively small, such as the layout of the kitchen or what color paint to use. Other decisions are considerably more important, including where your house should be, what direction it should face, and what materials you will use to build it.

Traditionally, houses in Australia have been made from wood frames and then paneled with wood. This was because the wood was cheap and plentiful. Today, steel framing is an option that is worth considering. In fact, steel framing has been common in commercial applications for years.

You just need to be able to compare the differences:


Wood is strong but steel is considerably stronger. In the first instance, this means you can invest in a universal steel beam and span much larger distances. In short, you can create more open spaces in your home than using wood supports.

Of course, the fact that metal is much stronger also means that your house is better able to resist extreme weather, specifically tornados and hurricanes. Depending on which state you live in this can be important.  


Another important concern is fire. Australia has been suffering from more bush fires in recent years and this is a serious concern if you live in a risk area. Wood will burn under the heat of a bush fire, destroying your home. But, metal won’t, helping to ensure you still have a home after the bush fire has passed.

Environmental Concerns

Wood is natural, it comes from trees and there is a plentiful supply of it in the country. Providing you opt for reclaimed or sustainable wood then you are not depriving the planet of any resources.

However, you may be surprised to discover that steel doesn’t cause issuers for the environment. It is necessary to heat the metal and you need the power to do this. But, the steel itself is recycled, minimizing any effect on the planet.

Pest Control

Wood attracts pests, especially things like termites that can cause a lot of damage to your home. In contrast, metal is not appealing to pests at all. They can’t gnaw their way through it and they won’t eat it. In other words, you are much less likely to have a pest problem with a steel frame house.


Metal is a good conductor. That means it warms in the sun and cools in the cold, making it harder to keep your house at an even temperature.

In contrast, wood is a natural insulator, it feels warm to the touch, and helps you be at one with nature.

Ease Of Build

You should note that a steel frame house is effectively fabricated off-site. The beams arrive and are quickly bolted together on-site, reducing the time and cost it takes to build your new home. 

The choice is yours but steel frame is worth considering, there are a lot of benefits over wood.

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