Avoid Home Damage and Health Hazards with Attic Rodent Proofing Services

One’s home must be a sanctuary that should be free of mice, rats, and critters for them and their family members- a place for relaxing, recharging, and feeling safe. The truth is, one must address any form of threat to one’s home’s comfort and safety thoroughly and immediately. Rodents are common household pests that pose a threat to the safety and comfort of a home. 


A common area for them to enter and inhabit is the attic. Thus attic rodent proofing services such as that offered by HVAC Kern County experts are crucial to avoid such nuisance. These services provide an array of perks categorized into two parts- avoiding home damage and avoiding health hazards. 

Avoid Health Hazards 

A key advantage of attic rodent proofing services is that you will not get exposed to different health threats that these animals pose. Conversely, lack of rodent control may cause various health hazards like disease and allergies. 

Disease – Rodents can carry and spread various diseases. These diseases spread through direct contact with rodents can also happen via contact with urine and droppings. In addition, rodents get into household food items which means the disease can spread in the pantry or kitchen. The different diseases caused by rodents include plague, hantavirus, salmonella, and leptospirosis. Therefore, keeping them to crawl through the cracks and crevices or vents of the home is an effective means to ensure that one will not get exposed to such deadly diseases when they are at home. 

Allergies – Along with disease, another threat to health that can result from rodents is allergic reactions. Rodents can increase symptoms in people with asthma, but people without asthma too can show symptoms. Feces, urine, and hair from rodents can increase allergic reactions. Rodent-proof perks comprise completely avoiding such hazardous situations. 

Avoid Home Damage 

All are aware that mice and rats chew holes in anything they come across and create new passageways or access food for their survival. They have teeth that grow all through their life. For shaving their teeth down to a useful and manageable size, they need to chew at all times. When rodents reside in one’s attic, their home and those inside become a fair game for chewing. Mice love to chew materials in the attic like cardboard and insulation to make themselves some shelter nests. A complete inspection indeed is the foremost step to control and remove rodents. Installing rodent-resistant insulation will be the right step here. Home damage due to rodents can occur from the mess that they leave behind. Decaying bodies, feces, and urine of rodents are likely to leave nasty odors and stains that need professional attic cleaning services to remedy and eliminate the aftermath. An added advantage to rodent-proof one’s attic is to avoid the different forms of damage that result from rodents altogether. 

For more queries on attic rodent proofing, get in touch with a professional at the earliest. They will guide you in each step of the way to make your home rodent-proof. 

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