6 Gadgets To Improve Your Gaming Experience

If you are a keen gamer, you will know that some gadgets can really make you a better gamer as well as just make gaming more enjoyable. A big part of gaming is about the experience, and some gadgets truly enhance the gaming experience. You have to pick carefully though as some other gadgets are just a waste of money.


Gaming headphones are the number one gadget for making you a better gamer. Whether you play mobile games, PC games, or console games, your headphones are the first major choice you will need to make. Over-ear headphones are best for gaming, and they should be comfortable as you will wear them for extended periods of time.

Headphones will improve your gameplay because you will be able to hear game sounds better and for example in first-person shooters being able to clearly hear footsteps and pinpoint the direction of sounds is crucial. Get headphones with a built-in microphone for talking to your team. If the microphone has a flip-up mute or a mute button that is easily accessible, that is also very handy. Get wired headphones as they will have less lag.

Play Mat

A custom play mat is great for both trading card game players and PC gamers. The advantage of custom play mats is that they will give you a soft gaming surface. The large soft surface is great for using your mouse on or packing out your cards. 

You can get play mats in various custom sizes to fit your decks as well as have them custom printed. If you are a streamer, you can even get your name or logo printed on the playmat. 

Thumb Sleeves

This one is specifically for mobile gamers. Thumb sleeves are soft finger hoods that you pull over your thumbs when gaming on a touch screen device. They work on smartphones as well as tablets. 

Once you have tried thumb sleeves, you won’t go back to playing without them. Thumb sleeves work on touch screens, and they give much smoother movement on the screen when playing games. You can also say goodbye to sweaty thumbs when you play for extended periods of time. 

Gaming Chair

A good-quality gaming chair works well for all kinds of gaming. Whether you like console, PC, or even mobile gaming, having an ergonomic chair to spend extended times is a good idea. 

We all know that spending many hours lying on a couch or bed while gaming is not great for our posture, backs, and neck. Rather, opt for a good gaming chair that will give lumbar and neck support. You will need to look for a chair with the following features:

  • Adjustable head and lumbar supports. These are usually small adjustable pillows.
  • Height adjustable to get the correct height when sitting at your desk. 
  • Armrests that are height adjustable. Sometimes you will want them lower than your desk surface and sometimes above or on an equal plane.
  • A backrest that can be tilted separately from the chair seat. 

Color Changing LED Lights

Getting programmable color-changing LED light for the room where your game is not necessarily going to make you a better gamer, but it will sure make you look the part. Get a nice-looking environment like your favorite streamer. 

Being able to relax and customize your room to look and feel like a gamer’s room is heaps of fun. Get into the right mindset for gaming by being able to flick a switch and your room transforms into a colored gaming stage ready for a battle. Remember to take a photo when everything is set up in gaming mode for your social media accounts. 

USB Capture Card

These are becoming very popular amongst gamers of all varieties. A USB capture device or capture card is a small dongle that you plug into a USB port and that has an input for an HDMI cable. This allows you to input an HDMI video signal and then stream or record it on your PC.

If you connect a digital camera or video camera to the capture card, you can get a video signal into your PC. For gaming, you can also connect a console or mobile device to the capture card. This way you can record or stream your gameplay on your PC, even if you prefer console or mobile gaming. you can also choose Drift Hunters.

When it comes to gaming gadgets, you will need to be careful and pick the good quality ones. And for a better online gaming experience Buy MTG Arena codes hassle free from the Online Shop – MTGA Codes.

There are many cheap and nasty brands out there trying to get into the gaming market. Read the reviews and buy from reputable brands. You can also ask your local gaming store what they would recommend.

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