High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Style

If there is one type of finish for kitchens that will never go out of style, it would be high gloss kitchen cabinets. They first gained popularity in the 1970s and continue to be the best alternatives for kitchen cabinets to complement your modern kitchen. High gloss modern kitchen cabinets exude an elegant and timeless look which is one of the main reasons why many homeowners want to have modern high gloss kitchen cabinets in their homes.

High gloss European kitchen cabinets also became widespread not just in the countries within Europe but throughout Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world. European style modern high gloss kitchen cabinets sort of became the standard cabinet style in contemporary homes.

Best Colors For Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Colors can transform any space from dull to interesting. If you are planning to renovate or give your kitchen space a little makeover, take note of these high gloss kitchen cabinets’ colors to create a contemporary yet visually interesting color scheme in your kitchen space.

  • White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to cabinet colors, white will always top the list. When repainting your cabinets, start with a base or neutral color. Opt for kitchen cabinets high gloss white or choose neutral colors to give your cabinetry a fresh coat of paint. White is a common color in minimalist spaces, and just a simple paint refresh can instantly make your Gloss white kitchen cabinets look good as new.

  • High Gloss Grey Kitchen Cabinets

We all know that white is the most popular color for kitchen cabinetry. However, there are cons that come along with painting everything white. First, white can easily accumulate dirt, stains, and visible scratches. This is where the color grey becomes a great alternative. Grey high gloss kitchen cabinets can give any kitchen a clean and elegant look. Gray represents neutrality and balance: it is neither too bright nor too dark, making it an excellent option for high gloss gray kitchen cabinets.

  • High Gloss Black Kitchen Cabinets

Another color that’s having a moment in the interior kitchen scene is none other than black. Dark cabinets evoke a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance. Black high gloss kitchen cabinets create a perception of depth within the room. It adds character and makes the kitchen look none like any other. So, if you want to create that luxurious and somewhat modern opulence vibe in your home, you definitely need to have high gloss kitchen cabinets black.

  • Two-Tone High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone cabinetry is an excellent technique to add space to a tiny kitchen. If you place modern high gloss white and black kitchen cabinets accordingly, the eye is attracted to the brighter tone, creating the impression that your kitchen is larger than it is.

  • Other common colors:

There are other popular colors for kitchen cabinets such as high gloss taupe kitchen cabinets. Taupe is a dark-gray brown color or beige-like in appearance. It is perfect for farmhouse-styled and minimalist kitchen spaces. For a more colorful kitchen style high gloss turquoise kitchen cabinets, blue kitchen cabinets, and green kitchen cabinets fit well. Сolors like turquoise, blue, and green would look fantastic in modern-style kitchens and help you create your unique space.

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Materials

Different materials make up high gloss kitchen cabinets depending on the style, use, and budget provided to make the cabinetry. These are some of the most utilized materials for high gloss kitchen cabinetry.

MDF. MDF delivers a considerably smoother surface with no grain and is denser than hardwood. Because of this, high gloss MDF kitchen cabinets are an excellent material to use for kitchen cabinetry.

Wood. Wood cabinets are cabinets that are made from stronger types of solid wood such as pine, oak, cherry, and maple.  If you take care of a high-quality wooden cabinet correctly and preserve the wood from moisture with the necessary topcoats and polyurethane coatings, it might survive for decades.

Acrylic. Acrylic is a durable, high-quality plastic that is frequently used in sheet form to replace glass since it offers a surface that won’t shatter. Kitchens designed in a modern style look excellent with high gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets.

Lacquer. For kitchen cabinets, lacquer is the finest option since it provides a great clear coat gloss, is water-resistant, breathable, and chip-resistant. One significant benefit of using lacquer paint on high gloss lacquer kitchen cabinets is that it dries quickly, making it simple to apply a second layer.

Laminate. Compared to traditional wood cabinetry, high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets are more economical and require less upkeep. They are an excellent choice for young families since they are less susceptible to severe wear and tear.

Flat-panel. Due to the rising popularity of modern design style, high gloss flat panel kitchen cabinets are presently a “popular trend” in the kitchen design industry. More than any other type, flat-panel cabinets are simpler to keep clean. Slab cabinets often cost a little bit less since they use less material than other cabinetry designs.

How to clean high gloss kitchen cabinets?

To keep your high gloss kitchen looking good as new every day, you should do proper cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning high gloss kitchen cabinets are pretty easy and straightforward. Simply use a microfiber cloth to erase fingerprints and marks on the surface.

Knowing how to remove scuff marks from high gloss kitchen cabinets is also a must since marks are glossy cabinets are really prone to all kinds of marks. Don’t use chemical-based cleaners. Instead, spray water on the surface and use a microfiber cloth to dry it. The secret to making high gloss kitchen cabinets cleaner is by simply wiping any sorts of stains or marks right away.

High gloss kitchen cabinets are versatile and flexible which basically means that you can integrate the color and material regardless of what interior design style you wish to embark on. We hope you find this short blog helpful for your next home kitchen design and renovation.

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