Are You New To Chainsaws and Need Some Tips on Using One?

Well, you’ve approached the authentic place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.

Don’t Sharpen with a File

When someone wants to sharpen their chain, they often reach for a file and sharpen it that way. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to sharpen a chain using a file, including experienced chainsaw users. Often, the chain teeth will become crooked and the chain has been filed unevenly. I would recommend using a Stihl chain sharpener to avoid this issue.

File Down the Depth Gauge/Rivet Chain

As time goes on, you would’ve sharpened your chain many times. Each time you sharpen it, you file it down little by little, constantly making it smaller. Eventually, the depth gauge will be taller than the blades/teeth. So it won’t cut no matter how sharp the teeth are because they can’t reach the wood. So you’re going to have to file down the depth gauge.

Wear Safety Gear

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people use their chainsaw in shorts and flip flops. I cringe so hard. It’s an accident waiting to happen and they’re going to lose a toe, that’s for sure. So make sure you’re wearing some safety boots, preferably steel toe-capped. Make sure you’re wearing chainsaw chaps. So if the bar hits your leg, the chaps will catch the blades and stop them from rotating. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet and eye protection. There have been lots of people who have had a piece of wood chipping get caught in their eye. Safety first, no excuses. More on this here.

Avoid the kickback Zone

The kickback zone is the nose/tip of the bar. Never try to enter a cut with the nose because your chainsaw will kickback. Kickback occurs when the nose of the bar hits something hard and as a result, is flung in the direction of the user. This can be fatal. However, the thing stopping the chain from chewing your face apart is the chain brake. The chain brake automatically stops the chain from operating via inertia and your hand hitting it.

Replace the Old Gas

Don’t be cheap and replace old gas. If gas has been sitting in your engine for over a month, it needs to be replaced. As time goes on, gas breaks down and causes carbon to latch onto the components, preventing them from working. If this happens, you’ll have to do a deep clean of your chainsaw and possibly replace components.

Know Your Chainsaw’s Capabilities

You can’t just use your small electric powered chainsaw to cut down a big oak tree. It’s going to bog down and cause fumes. If your small saw does manage to cut down a large tree, you would have decreased its life span. Understand the task you’re about to do and determine what kind of chainsaw is best suited to that task.

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