How To Refresh Your Home To Feel More Calm 

The daily spaces we occupy can have a significant impact on our mood. Even if we are focused on other things, our environment can subconsciously create additional stress that we don’t need. Dial down your stress and recharge. Here’s how to refresh your home so you can feel calmer. 

Start With The Essentials

First, you’ll want to clean up apparent messes. If you see dirty dishes in the sink, a pile of laundry, or items sprawled all over the floor, these are your top priorities. 

Once you’ve handled these tasks, you can move on to less tedious ones and gradually clean up your home and feel calmer. If your bed needs to be replaced, get a mattress in a box and refresh your bedroom. This may be more of a priority than investing in new kitchen cabinets since it affects your sleep and health.

Dust And Vacuum Your Home

Dust and debris build up over time in living spaces. While you don’t have to do a deep clean every day, you should dust your home once a month. Be sure to get dust-prone areas like the baseboards, under furniture, and behind appliances. 

You also want to vacuum your home as necessary. Depending on your household, this may mean once a week or multiple times a week. For example, if you have carpet, you can have it professionally cleaned every six months.

If you have kids at home, you’re going to want to vacuum at least twice a week to manage the dust and grime that builds up in your home (and, of course, to get those crumbs and arts and crafts scraps that accumulate as well). Removing these messes gives you cleaner air to breathe, which induces calm energy, as does the visual satisfaction of seeing a neat space.

Declutter Your Space

Next, it’s time to declutter your space. Start getting rid of items you no longer need and set them aside for donating. You can also resell your gently-used clothing to consignment shops online or in person if there are any in your area. 

Removing nonessentials increases organization and maximizes your space, which will help you cultivate a greater sense of calm in your home and prepare for room planning if you redecorate. “Room to breathe” is taken very literally here, as a clean space often leads to a clean headspace the more you stick with your maintenance efforts.


Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Another place where grime likes to hide is in your refrigerator. Take some time to declutter your smart refrigerator, get rid of old food, and organize your refrigerator into neatly defined sections for each type of food. 

Some refrigerators have a designated space for vegetables, meats, etc., so be sure that you follow this layout if this is true for your refrigerator.

Preset the temperature settings sometimes for the types of foods the refrigerator spaces occupy. You can prevent spoiled food by putting your groceries in the correct locations. A clean refrigerator can induce calmness by ensuring everything is in its place. You can cook and grab ingredients without searching high and low.

Open The Windows

Now and then, you should open your windows to let in the fresh air. If windows are kept shut for too long, sometimes the energy in homes can become stagnant. Letting in the fresh air can detoxify your home and bring new energy into your space. It can also dissipate unpleasant aromas that may have accumulated inside your home.

The Bottom Line

To refresh your home and induce calm feelings, consider the above suggestions. Create a home maintenance routine that allows you to clean and detoxify your space so you can always feel at ease when you’re home.