4 Advantages Of Using PDF For Storing Your Files

When it comes to filing format documents, contracts, and job applications, companies and schools highly require PDF because it is a more convenient and a more formal way to address. PDF is highly used in the business world, known for its portability because it is easy to open and share. The access to the PDF file is so flexible that you can use it on different devices. The layout of the same file will not change, even if opening to another operating system.

Some people may say that you can’t edit a PDF. But as you can see, it offers a variety of selections, like having an editing tool that you can convert PDF files to different file formats. So if you are interested in using PDF file format, we listed down all the good features why PDF is reliable to use.


Addressing A PDF Con: Corrupted Files

Before we talk about the advantages of using PDF, we have to address the main con Most of the time, we can’t stop files from being corrupted due to different malware and viruses. And one of the biggest con of using PDF as the main format is that it can get damaged. File corruption can happen anytime due to internet crashes, damaged storage, and power surge or loss of power. To prevent files from being corrupted and unreadable, use a PDF tool like Gogo Pdf. It offers a feature called PDF repair that helps to restore and extract all the damaged PDF files and be used again. It is so convenient to use that you can easily drag your unreadable files that are automatically being fixed and recover so that you can already download them again.

  1. A good security

Another good characteristic about PDF is that they protect your file by having a password. So, if you have an important and sensitive file that needs to be protected from hackers and unauthorized personnel try PDF because they give you choices depending on your want security. You can also share your PDF with limited people. Another good thing about it is that not all can edit your file, and only the authorized personnel can edit it. If you’re using Microsoft Word for an important file to your company, the disadvantage of it is that they can control the content of your document. 

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That is why PDF secures your file, but if someone breaches or decodes your password, it can be easily taken, so better be safe in telling the password to anyone. PDF can also limit the number of people who can view your file. Many government officials and well-known companies already trusted and used it because even hackers and malware cannot alter its format and content due to the good and strong security.

  1. Universal to all users

If you are looking for a type of file that you can use and view in different mediums and devices then use PDF. You can view PDF in different types of operating systems such as windows, android, and IOS, so it is suitable for all users that use the software in making documents and applications. Its efficacy can also be used in different devices such as phones, laptops, PC and Mac. So, in viewing and sharing your file, there will be no issues regarding your both personal and professional usage because PDF already adjusted itself to be adaptable in every way. 

Another advantage of PDF is that you can access it anytime, available to any device so that people can read PDF files anytime and everywhere. Another problem with some documents that are not PDF is that when you want to print them on time, the layout and content may be changed. That is why PDF is an ideal software for people that want their documents to be printed out immediately. Since PDF is recognized all around the world because of its portability and reliability, it is also searchable by different search engines.

  1. Easily to utilize different elements and contents

Another good thing about pdf is that it is easy to use when making and editing its layout and content. PDF allows you to form and use different kinds of content such as animations, pictures, videos, and even visual graphics depending on your wanted composition. Moreover, PDF has a variety of layouts that you can also choose options that will make your document more aesthetically beautiful without changing the format. 

If you already have a file in different formats like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can still make it to PDF by simply converting it reversibly by using Gogopdf. You can also improve your layout by adding hyperlinks that will automatically open up in your browser. That is why if you are planning to make reports, presentations, or different files, then use PDF because you can make tasks in one software already.

  1. Compressibility of file size

If you are having trouble sharing your document because of having a large file size, then worry no more. PDF can help you with that. Another fantastic feature of PDF is that it can compress unlimited and large information without ruining the file’s quality. It can easily be shared and received because it takes a small amount of space in saving your hard drives and memory. If anyone has limited storage resources then use PDF because it can store and carry multiple mediums such as text, hyperlinks, videos, music, and pictures.


To avoid confusion and disappointment in passing your files, then try a PDF that is good for its consistency when it comes to the content of your documents. PDF is a great software that you can use because it can easily be shared and used on all devices and operating systems. With the use of Gogopdf that is available also to all devices, you can view and read your PDF files whenever you want. So if you are planning to use software that is convenient and easy to use, then try PDF!

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