How To Keep Bed Sheets From Falling Off?

When you’re staring at your ceiling, trying to fall asleep, the last thing you need is the thought that the sheet is going to slip off completely. Hence, an ideal solution would be to have a sheet that stays put no matter what. 

Choose Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets have elastic bands around the corners that stretch over your mattress and keep them in place. Flat sheets, which don’t have elastic bands, slide off much more easily than fitted sheets do. If you sleep with someone else in the same bed, get two twin-size beds instead of one king-sized bed so that each person has their own fitted sheet. This way, nobody will be bothered by having to adjust their sheets every few hours because they’re falling off the bed. This may be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, you will learn how to keep bed sheets from falling off easily.

Use an Elastic Sheet Strap

One of the best ways to keep your bed sheets from slipping off is with an elastic sheet strap. This is a thin strip of elastic that goes around the corners of your mattress and holds them in place while you sleep. In addition to preventing your sheets from falling off, these straps also help keep them clean by keeping them away from dust mites and allergens in the air.

Get The Right Size

Make sure your top sheet strap fits your mattress by checking the tag on it or measuring it against your mattress. Ideally, it will hang down over each side of the bed with at least four inches of fabric to spare on each side. If it’s too small, then it won’t stay put when you sleep on it and will roll back up toward your feet when you move around during the night. If it’s too big, then it will bunch up at the foot of the bed instead of staying tucked in properly at all times.

Use Corner Straps

The first thing that you want to do when using sheets makes sure that you’re using a corner sheet strap. These are small pieces of metal or plastic that attach one corner of the sheet to another corner of the sheet, keeping them from slipping off of the bed. You can find corner straps at most hardware stores or online retailers. If you’re having trouble finding them locally or online, simply ask a sales associate or customer service representative where they are located in the store or if they have any recommendations for other products that might work well with what you’re looking for.

Tuck in the Top Sheet

This one is pretty simple: tuck in the top sheet. Make sure it’s tucked under all four corners of the mattress so that it stays on for more than a few seconds. If you have a fitted sheet on top, make sure both sides are tucked under as well, or else you’ll get that annoying “gap” between your body and the mattress where you can feel every inch of it pressing against your backside.

Use a Mattress Clamp

One simple way to keep your sheets from falling off is by using a mattress clamp. These clamps hold down the corners of the sheet so that they stay in place no matter how much you toss and turn during the night. They’re especially useful for larger mattresses that don’t have fitted sheets because they allow you to keep your bedding in place without having to constantly tuck it in.

Use Mattress Pads

Mattress pads are made of cotton or polyester and come in different thicknesses depending on how much cushioning you want from them. They’re designed to fit over the top of your mattress and provide extra padding for comfort as well as insulation against excessive heat retention during sleep (which could cause.


Having sheets fall off is a common problem for many people. Thankfully, there are easy solutions out there that can help keep your fitted sheets from falling off. By following this article you can make your sheets stay on your mattress with these easy steps.


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