5 Reasons To Get A Sustainable Mattress Today

Do you find yourself waking up with pain or soreness in the middle of night? Is your quality rest interrupted by broken springs or lumps in your mattress? Are you thinking about upgrading or replacing your current mattress in general? If you are, there are a few good reasons to transition to a naturally made mattress over a standard one. A natural, organic mattress is one made from sustainable materials that also meets the high standards for being referred to as organic. They seek to replace the current standard and offer a more sustainable way of sleeping comfortably while also doing what you can to decrease your own carbon footprint. In this article, we’ll cover why you should think about getting a sustainable mattress soon.

Durability and Cost Savings

Durable and long lasting furniture is critical for both the environment and your wallet. To begin with, when you buy a bed, you’re making an investment. With an organic mattress, it’s not just an investment in furniture; it’s an investment in the future of the planet. It also ends up costing less in the long run. A standard mattress only lasts around six years at the maximum. After that, they really start to wear out and lose their usefulness as a bed. A natural mattress, on the other hand, will last much longer. If it’s made with latex, that increases the durability significantly due to that material’s strength and resilience. Furthermore, these mattresses are often hand made, meticulously designed, and expertly crafted  with natural materials like cotton, wool, mohair, and latex. If it’s a mattress made with latex, the durability increases significantly due to that material’s strength and resilience.


Multiple layers of comfortable sustainable materials, along with pocketed coils (insulated springs that correspond individually to your movements) arranged throughout various mattress layers make an organic mattress the basis of a luxurious, comfortable bed. Moreover, you can get them in any standard size and choose to have one with a built-in pillow top. Getting a comfy natural mattress is a surefire way to increase your sleep quality significantly while simultaneously protecting the environment. And that’s a deal worth taking.

GOTS Certified

You already know that natural mattresses are constructed from sustainable materials. But to be considered a truly natural, organic mattress requires those materials to be GOTS certified. GOTS is an acronym for Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS covers processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution of all textiles made from organic fiber. The materials have to be  at least 70% certified. To be certified, they have to go through rigorous testing and verification. GOTS also has criteria for how processing works, handling vegan materials, and handling/treating wastewater as they relate to the manufacturing process. GOTS materials make up the core of any sustainable mattress or eco friendly bedding product.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a type of chemical with high vapor pressure that aren’t readily soluble in water. These chemicals can end up in quite a bit of different items that we use everyday. Think about paints, pharmaceuticals, air freshener, refrigerants, waxes, and varnishes. They also appear in upholstery on your furniture. This can include the polyurethane in a standard mattress. One of the key benefits of getting an organic or natural mattress is that it’s not going to contain these materials simply because the way the mattress is constructed doesn’t involve any materials that contain vocs. Therefore, a lack of vocs in the mattress material will lead to better sleep and not having to worry about negative health benefits related to these chemical compounds.

No Harmful Flame Retardants

Flame retardants, despite sounding like something useful, can be bad news for anyone in their vicinity. Ostensibly added to furniture (such as mattresses) to prevent fires, they don’t really work all that well. Worse, they’re poisonous and accumulate in the human body through exposure over time. Long time exposure to flame retardants can have serious adverse health effects that cause chronic diseases or worse over time. This is why it’s so important that natural mattresses don’t have them. Without the superfluous addition of flame retardants, you can sleep safely in the knowledge that you’re not inhaling or being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals every time you start snoring. And that’s where the true comfort and benefit of getting a sustainable mattress really comes into focus. Keeping you safe while providing a good night’s sleep is all just part of what sustainable mattresses can do for you.