Practical Gift Ideas for Friends or Family Who are Moving in 2022

Saying goodbye to a neighbor or family you have lived with within the same neighborhood for years is difficult and emotional. What’s even more challenging is finding the best gift to show your appreciation for the memorable moments you spent together from birthday parties, movie nights, and BBQ parties. Read other moving tips by link from our moving partners.

Here are practical gift ideas to point you in the right direction.

Photo Book

A photo book with pictures of the special memories you shared is an excellent going-away gift. The photos will help you stay connected emotionally whenever they see the photos. You can purchase one from Amazon or other leading online stores.

You can also make it personal and unique by creating the photo book online. There are also plenty of themes you can use to create one fast. Go the extra mile and order photo-related presents such as photo mugs, photo keychains, and magnets to complement the photo book.

Fitness Tracker

After settling down in the new city, your friend or family member will spend time exploring the neighborhood. A fitness tracker will help them monitor the number of steps or distance covered per day and calories burnt. Stay connected by getting yourself one and compete to see who covers the longest distance every day.

Dual Time Watch

If your friend moves to a new time zone, a dual time watch will help them remain connected with their former home. This kind of watch is designed to display the current time at their new home and their former home. No more guesswork and mental math when trying to figure out the best time to call.

Portable Wi-Fi Device

Settling down fully in a new house is stressful. Please help them stay connected with you and their colleagues by purchasing a portable Wi-Fi device. The device will provide a reliable internet connection before the local internet service provider sets up the connection.

Here are additional gift ideas.

  1. Friendship bracelets
  2. Personalized mugs
  3. Weighted blankets
  4. Coffee table books
  5. Personalized Pillow or Blanket

If you intend to buy the gifts online, confirm the shipping duration to deliver them right before the departure.

Travel Accessories

Travel accessories such as a cozy travel pillow, portable cocktail kit, and wireless phone charger will come in handy, especially if traveling by plane. Most of these items are available at discounted prices online. Be sure to order them a few days before the big day to ensure they are shipped to you on time.

Local Delicacy

After relocating to a new country, it’s easy to forget the local delicacies you used to enjoy back home. Help the friends stay connected with the food culture by packing non-perishable treats such as chocolates and grounds from their favorite coffee shop. Pack them in an elegant gift box and have them delivered to them one or two days before moving.

The goal is to find delicacies that they love and enjoy. Every time they eat or use them to prepare a meal, memories of their former home will come alive.

Coordinated Jewelry

Shop for custom jewelry with engraved names and coordinates of the town they are leaving. This gift will help them remember their former home and stay connected with it wherever they go. The jewelry should be not only elegant and unique but also durable. That is, the engraving shouldn’t fade out.

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