5 Things to Know Before Selecting a Skip Hire Company

What Should I Know Before Choosing a Skip Hire Company?

Choosing a skip hire company is an essential service for removing trash and other items from your home. From spring cleaning to construction work, there are countless reasons why you may need a skip hire company. Whether residential or commercial, a skip is a great way to dispose of trash that is too heavy and bulky for regular weekly collection. These are the top 5 things to know before selecting a skip hire company.

Number One: A Good Reputation

The skip hire company you select should have a reputation of reliability. The company should have ample experience and a good reputation in the industry. They should be dependable and reliable. You want to ensure the skip bin will be disposed of and dumped properly. For example, hiring a very cheap company may be tempting, however, they may illegally dump trash. It is best to properly research the company and read past customer reviews. Skip hire services in Luton are a good option for reliable and trustworthy service. 

Number Two: What Sized Bin Will You Need?

Once you select a trustworthy company, next you’ll need to determine how large of a bin you need. The sizes of skip bins can vary from 4m to 10m. Consider how much waste you will be generating and choose the most appropriate size. In general, it is advisable to go slightly larger than you need to avoid overflowing. Measuring the area the skip bin will be placed is important as well. 

Number Three: Location 

In order to avoid problems down the line, you should do a bit of planning. For example, where will the skip bin be located? Will it cause an inconvenience to others on the street? Is the street too narrow for a skip bin? As a general rule, the skip bin should be placed as close to your front door as possible. Whether commercial or residential, you don’t want to cause inconvenience to others or the city because of the bin’s placement. 

Number Four: The Type of Waste

Considering the type of waste you will need to dispose of is also very important. Some companies do not accept toxic waste such as chemicals, dangerous materials, batteries, vehicle tires, gas canisters, fluorescent tubes, large appliances and other items which may cause chemical reactions. It is essential that you confirm these details with the skip hire company beforehand. Understanding which materials are permitted and which are not will save you time, energy and resources down the line. 

Number Five: Where Will Your Trash Will Go?

Less expensive companies will dump your trash at a dumpsite or landfill. More expensive companies will actually bring your trash to be sorted and recycled. Depending on the company, the trash may be sorted before being sent to either the landfill or recycling center. Somewhere between 60% to 70% of all skip waste can be recycled. The best way to determine a company’s procedure is by calling and confirming. 

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