Why Choose Trail Cameras For Home Security?

Investing in a security camera is a good thing to keep your loved ones safe. There are many options to choose from, including a trail camera but unlike other equipment, this one is an unusual choice. Its main use is intended for gaming purposes and also for photographers.

Home Security
Investing in a security camera is a good thing to keep your loved ones safe.

That being said, trail cameras are still effective as home security systems. It has the basic features to guarantee protection against intruders. And also, there are drawbacks you need to know. 

What Makes Trail Cameras Different From Other Security Cameras?

These camera types are easy to distinguish by the services they provide. 

It includes the purpose of each camera. Trail cameras can detect wildlife while their counterpart has a surveillance function 24/7. On the other hand, the prior tracks a motion only when there are strange movements. 

In terms of visibility, security cameras are more obvious which can deter the bad guys. While trail cameras are best to hide in trees to catch intruders from sneaking into a property. 

Surveillance cameras also provide more options to monitor your home. Special features such as pan, tilt, and zoom helps you watch every angle of the house. Households can even monitor the camera on multiple devices making it a good choice for huge properties. 

Things to Consider When Installing a Trail Camera

Trail cameras do not require a power outlet and so are ideal for remote areas. It runs on batteries to be easily installed anywhere. Here are other factors that make trail cameras suitable for securing a home:

  • Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)

Detecting wildlife motions is easier with trail cameras that are equipped with PIR. It can sense a change of temperature and move objects within the vicinity. This is true upon studying the main function of trail cameras which is filming the wildlife. 

  • Night Vision

Since wild animals often come out at night, establishing a trail camera around your property is vital. It has night vision to accurately detect motions in low-light situations. 

  • Storage

There are two ways to store footage, via SD card and Cloud. The latter can keep images for a longer period and also be accessible for many. It also permits the household to monitor the house even from a distance. 

  • Remote Access

Trail cameras are similar to other surveillance systems in terms of better accessibility. The camera can be linked to smart devices to have access to the footage in real-time.

The only difference is that some trail cameras use a SIM card to connect with cell networks necessary for tracking motions. 

Furthermore, it is a non-wired device making it easier to install on trees or the roof for better visibility. 

  • Footage Resolution

High-quality cameras are best for capturing clear photos and videos. This matters in gathering evidence in case of a crime. Aim to find a trail camera that promises a higher image resolution for both day and night monitoring. 

  • Energy-Efficient

The system is battery-powered and hence does not consume much energy to function well. Each battery can last for months which also lowers your expenses. 

  • Durability

Choose a trail camera that can withstand elements for daily use since it is installed outdoors. 

Downsides of Trail Cameras

Though buying a trail camera can reduce your overall cost, there are disadvantages to keep in mind as well. These include:

  • Less Functional

Security cameras can deliver more ways to monitor a home. It permits the use of smart devices and also desktop apps in detecting motions. Such features are limited to trail cameras wherein other house activities cannot be well monitored. 

  • For Outdoor Use Only

Trail cameras are best suited for outdoor installation rather than indoors. It cannot match a wide range of homestyle, unlike security cameras that come in various shapes. 

  • Less Flexible

A trail camera has no pan, tilt, and zoom function to cover up a wider angle. It often misses some motion around the area which could allow intruders to invade your home. Accordingly, homeowners should find the ideal spot where to install the device. 

  • Requires Battery Replacement

Aside from the added cost, the camera may not capture important footage once the battery has emptied. Having extra batteries is crucial if you desire to monitor your home all the time. 

Proper Installation For Trail Cameras

Proper Installation For Trail Cameras
Things to Consider When Installing a Trail Camera

One thing to note when installing a trail camera is how to hide the device. Listen to experts’ advice as they already know the dos and don’ts when establishing security cameras. 

Find a shaded area but can promise clear footage once the camera is installed. Trail cameras are also easy to camouflage with the surrounding. 

Place the camera above eye level as passersby will less likely notice it. Fix the angle to ensure getting detailed footage. 

Moreover, homeowners use other things to hide the camera, such as a bird box or plants. 

Test the camera after installation to make adjustments right away. Buyers are urged to get a backup device in case the camera does not work. 

Last Thoughts

Understanding trail vs security cameras will help you decide which one could provide better protection for your home. As you can see, each camera contributes a wide range of roles in keeping your area safe. If you desire a camera that is easier to hide, the trail camera suits you best. 

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