How to Create Your Own Working Garage at Home

For most homeowners in the UK, the garage is a space with a great deal of untapped potential. More often than not, it’s used as a dumping ground for rarely used garden furniture and dust-gathering gym equipment. But with just a little bit of care and attention, you can transform your home garage into something a great deal more functional. 

If you’re a committed petrolhead, then what better use for the space could there be than for working on your pride and joy? Whether you are looking for a space to work on your brand-new set of wheels, or you have chosen from one of the many used cars for sale to work on as a project car. But you’ll need the right garage to meet that need! Let’s take a look at how you might adapt any garage for real work.


The first part of any plan for renovation should be a thorough clear-out. Some of the stuff that’s currently littering your garage might equally be used elsewhere in the home, or thrown away entirely. For the stuff you do need, like tools, you’ll need to come up with an elegant storage solution or two. To make the most of the space, look for floor-to-ceiling shelving units. Make sure that they’re sturdy enough to support the weight of all your tools, and that you’re not at risk of heavy items falling from above head-height.


A working garage can be a dangerous place to be, if you’re not careful. It’s essential that you take steps to identify and minimise the hazards, just as you would in the workplace. Make a note of all the potential problems, and think about how to minimise them. Non-slip mats can be used around working areas, and floorspace should be kept clean and tidy. Dust can cause respiratory problems, so make sure that you tackle it while the space is empty.


Painting the walls of your garage can help to revitalise the space. Painting the floor can help you to deal with dust, too. Look for varieties of paint that can stand up to punishment – after all, your garage is going to be exposed to greater extremes in temperature than some of the other spaces in your home. 


A working garage demands power-hungry electrical tools. You might install electric lifts and jacks, or simply want extra wall outlets for convenience. It’s important to think about electricity before you begin major changes – that way, you can get the wiring sorted, and then lay all of the cosmetic changes over the top of it.


Lighting isn’t just an aesthetic concern; it’s something that will help you to do your work in the garage more effectively. Look for strip lights that are bright and efficient. You might even go for voice-activated lights: that way, when you’ve got your hands full, you can simply bark out a command to your voice assistant of choice, and have them turn up the lights for you.