Enjoy The Natural Ambience Of Al Fresco Dining For An Amazing Experience

Eating in the great outdoors is always appealing and where better to create the perfect Al Fresco eating area than your own back yard? How to go about doing just that? Here are things you can do:

Take Stock Of What You Have

Start by creating a ‘to scale’ map of your immediate garden area and see how much space you have. If you already have a terrace or decking, one corner can be allocated for Al Fresco dining. A minimum of 8sqm would be required for a comfortable four-person dining layout and if you have more, so much the better. If you don’t have decking, this would be an opportunity to develop your DIY skills, find a local timber supplier with premium decking and you’re good to go.

Flower Wall

One side can be allocated for your flower wall; netting with loops for small pots is one way of creating a flower wall. Of course, it can be a green wall, while artificial flowers are always an option. You could weave a bamboo frame and hang orchids, which goes well with rattan furniture. You can buy outdoor wood dining table online and a set of 4 chairs and with soft LED lighting and some dried grass, your dining area is complete.

Surrounded By Nature

The positive effect from dining outside is hardly noticed, yet it is there; this can also boost your appetite, which is never a bad thing. You could go the extra mile and have an outdoor kitchen, perfect for those weekend BBQs you love to host. Decorate the decking with potted plants and if you have the budget, a Bali hut really does make all the difference.


For the ideal Al Fresco dining experience, you should be under cover. One idea is to stretch marine net and cover that with creepers; you could intertwine fairy lights for a romantic effect. Now would be a good time to invest in a new awning, along with a dining table and chairs. If you plan on staying for the rest of your life, why not invest in a retractable roof? This is the ultimate shading solution, and you can even fit weather sensors that operate the roof.


Floor level LED is really all you need. Search online for exterior lighting stores and browse their extensive catalogue of garden lighting, and you’re bound to find the right lighting for your Al Fresco corner. Fairy lights in the form of LED strips can adorn the trees for a warm and glowing ambience, which is really easy to create. Of course, we all have our own preferences regarding lighting and browsing online stores will lead you to the perfect lighting.

Once you have planned the project, source everything you need online (prices are cheaper from the online supplier) and in a single weekend, you can complete the project and enjoy your new Al Fresco dining area.