8 Best Home Decorating Trends for Winter 2022

If you’re looking to redecorate for the winter season, there are plenty of trends to choose from this year and there are many trendy items that you can choose to decorate your home like home decor stores in Australia. Whether you’re making your home cozy or adding some glamour, these decorating ideas will help you create the perfect space for Christmas and beyond.

  • Natural Materials

Natural materials, such as wood and stone, are all the rage this winter. These timeless pieces will give your home an earthy vibe that’s perfect for the chilly weather. However, natural materials have a few drawbacks. They tend to be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts and have a tendency to stain easily. If you’re looking for something more affordable or stain-proof, there are plenty of other options on this list.

If you’re looking for something different from your standard wooden furniture or stone countertops, consider using reclaimed wood that has been recycled from older buildings or furniture pieces. Reclaimed wood can be used in many ways: it can be left unfinished so it has an old-fashioned look; stained darker colors with polyurethane varnish; or even polished up with beeswax paste on top of polyurethane varnish.

  • Darker Hues

Darker hues are a great way to make a room feel cozy and warm. For example, if you have an apartment with lots of natural light, painting the walls in dark brown or black paint will make the space appear smaller (and therefore easier to heat). Likewise, if your home has lots of wooden furniture pieces that require cleaning often; for example, because you have pets, you may want to consider adding some darker furniture so that your white couches don’t look dingy after multiple cleanings.

Darker hues also pair well with bright shades of reds and blues, which can add vibrancy to any space without overpowering it. Think about how many winter outfits include bold red accessories: scarves on cold days; gloves on snowy ones; even sweaters dyed in festive holiday patterns like plaids or reindeer prints. This makes sense because these two colors complement each other quite nicely when used together – especially when the reds are more toned down compared to how vibrant they might be during other seasons (such as springtime).

  • Velvet Upholstery

Velvet is the perfect way to add texture and color to your home. It’s also a great way to make your living room feel luxurious. A velvet sofa or chair can make a room look elegant and expensive, even if it isn’t. And if you want a new look for your bedroom, try adding some velvet curtains or bedding that match the walls in color. Velvet upholstery has been around for nearly 3 decades now, so it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not velvet is right for you, there are plenty of other options out there too. For example:

  • Leather upholstery (great for rustic vibes)
  • Cotton canvas fabric (this material looks great with brightly colored throw pillows)
  • Statement Walls

Use a Bold Color. A statement wall can be achieved in many ways, but one of the easiest and most effective is by using a bold color. Start with an accent wall, then add other elements to further emphasize your impact on the space. Consider more than one color for your statement wall. Another option for creating a statement wall is by using more than one color in its design; this will create depth and visual interest in addition to being eye-catching from afar. If you want to start small before going big with multiple colors, consider painting an accent wall instead of your entire living room or family room (for example).

Incorporate patterns into your statement wall design Ideas as well. Patterned wallpaper or murals are great ways of making an impact on any space while also making it feel cohesive at the same time, they’re also relatively easy to install on any surface without needing professional help.

  • Geometric Patterns and Shapes

If you’re looking to add some pattern and shape to your home decor, geometric patterns are a great way to do that. Geometric shapes are all over the place right now in interior design, you can find them on floor pillows and necklaces, on table runners, and on wall art. But the thing about geometric shapes is that they don’t have to be fussy or complicated; they can just be simple lines or shapes.

Examples of geometric patterns:

  • Grid-like patterns (a series of parallel lines)
  • Diagonal crisscrossed lines (like a big X)
  • Circles within circles

  • Brass Accents

Brass is a material that adds warmth and elegance to your home decor. It’s been popular for centuries, and it’s easy to maintain and will last for years. Brass is a good option for lamps, furniture, dinnerware, and accessories. The warmth of brass can also create an inviting atmosphere in the living room or den where you may want to curl up with a book or watch television with family members.

  • More Plants

Plants are a great way to add color, texture, and dimension to your home. They can also be used to bring warmth and comfort into any room. You can use plants as a focal point in your design or simply as an accent piece. They are very versatile and can be placed anywhere in your house: on the floor, on tables, on shelves, or hanging from the ceiling. Plants can be used as a splash of green in a room that’s mostly white or black (or even grey).

  • Artisanal Pieces

Artisanal pieces elevate your décor from the ordinary to the exceptional. These unique items are handmade and often incorporate natural materials, giving your home an earthy, rustic look. You can find artisanal pieces in furniture, accessories, or artwork, and they’re more expensive than mass-produced items. Shop local craft fairs for these authentic objects while they’re still affordable.


With the winter season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your home feel cozy and welcoming again. You don’t need to go overboard with decorations or bright colors; subtlety can be just as effective. These 8 trends will help you achieve that feeling of warmth while also keeping things minimalistic enough so they don’t overpower any room space.