Things You Should Know Before Buying a Chainsaw

Are you looking for a new chainsaw? Whether you are a first-time buyer or doing a repetitive order, buying a chainsaw needs many considerations. There are many factors you need to look into before making the purchase. You need to understand the features of a chainsaw and its safety measures. Chainsaws are a bit risky to use, and it’s essential to get one with upgraded safety features. To avoid getting into issues, you should not rush your buying decision. Take your time to understand the item. Here are some things you need to know before purchasing a chainsaw.

  1. Difference between cordless, corded, and fueled chainsaws

There are different types of chainsaws to choose from. Other than the sizes, brands, and designs, they use different fuel types. You have to know the kind of chainsaw to buy, depending on its fuel type. According to reviews from, there are petrol chainsaws, corded electric chainsaws, and cordless chainsaws. 

The petrol chainsaws are the most powerful ones and do the job faster. They come with a fuel tank and do not have any cords. They are a bit heavy, for the heaviest jobs, including cutting many logs of trees. The corded electric chainsaws use electricity and are quiet when in use. They don’t have much power as the petrol ones and need extra care to avoid cutting the power cable. The cordless chainsaws have an inbuilt, rechargeable battery, and they are used for the small cutting chores since they run out of power quickly. It’s your demand that dictates the type of chainsaw to buy.

  1. You will need to buy safety equipment

Chainsaws are very risky to operate. They can slide from your hands and cause bodily injuries or to the people next to you. When buying one, you also need to buy the safety accessories. While some chainsaws come complete with the safety equipment, others will need to purchase the items separately. Most chainsaws come with catchers and emergency power switches to enable the machine to go off in an accident. Some of the protective clothing you will need to buy are the safety helmet, ear defenders, chainsaw trousers, chainsaw gloves, safety boots, and goggles for your eyes. It is crucial to have all these safety gear before you start operating your chainsaw. This prevents any injuries in case of an accident.

  1. Attend a safety course

If you are a first-time chainsaw buyer and user, it’s essential to attend a chainsaw safety course. Experts carry out this course, and it’s to your advantage. It enables you to learn the safety measures and the risks of using a chainsaw. You will also learn how to keep the chainsaw safe during and after use to avoid accidents. Some courses also teach how to maintain and store your chainsaw. The course does not take much of your time. It can take a day or two, depending on what you want to learn. It would also help to go through the chainsaw safety guide and familiarize yourself with the guidelines and remain safe while using the equipment. You will not want to suffer injuries while using this equipment.

  1. Buy chainsaws with an auto-oil function

The chainsaw has several movable parts, including the cutting chain. Most of these movable parts require regular oiling when using the chainsaw. To avoid the inconveniences of having to stop every time to re-oil your chainsaw, you should buy one with an auto-oil function. The auto-oil function keeps your chainsaw oiled every time, thus prevents the parts from wearing out and overheating. Most of the recently manufactured chainsaws come with this feature. 

  1. Most petrol chainsaws have vibration minimizers

As discussed above, the petrol chainsaws are fast and powerful to cut even the enormous logs within a short time. This situation means they have a robust engine intended to perform heavy tasks. The more powerful its engine, the more it might vibrate while in use. That’s the reason why most petrol chainsaws have vibration minimizers. The minimizers help stabilize the chainsaw while in use and give you the power to work longer without getting tired. It would not help buy a small chainsaw for the most solemn work when you can buy the right size with vibration minimizers and do your job in minutes.

The above are some of the things you need to note before buying a chainsaw. You also need to check on the manufacturer. Some brands last longer than others, with some costing more. After you have purchased your chainsaw, ensure you service it and maintain it well to serve you efficiently and last longer. Ensure the blades are sharp all the time and the machine is store in a safe place to avoid accidents.