Is American Home Shield a Good Home Warranty?

A good home requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Be it a newly constructed one or your family heritage home, any home that has many systems and appliances running through it like veins needs upkeep and maintenance to keep them running. It is very common for houses to incur regular wear and tear due to mechanical issues, usage, and weather conditions. The best way to protect your home is to get yourself a home warranty such as American Home Shield.

American Home Shield Warranty includes most of the systems and appliances that keep the home running smoothly through the year. This helps you in covering the costs that you would spend from your pocket each time there is a mechanical or electrical breakdown in your home. With a home warranty, you would only be spending a deductible based on your contract for inspection of the item but no more than that. In cases where the item is irreparable, you are also offered a replacement and, if not for that, a cash-out to keep you happy and satisfied.

What is a Home Warranty?

Home Warranty is a system that lets you insure all your systems and appliances to make sure that they are covered for all the times that they incur a mechanical or electrical breakdown. This helps the homeowner or the renter to be rest assured when one of the expensive systems of the home, such as Plumbing, AC, electrical units, or anything similar, incurs a breakdown. In a situation where a homeowner or a renter does not have insurance, you would have to seek help from a repairman or a handyman and spend thousands of dollars on the repair of said item. Let alone the cost of each visit that you need to pay them.

When you purchase a home warranty, you may insure the most important systems and appliances that you deem absolutely necessary for keeping your home and life running. This allows the owner or renter to be assured that there is help right on a phone call if there was a problem with any of it.

How does Home Warranty work?

Home Warranties such as the American Home shield warranty helps in examining and evaluating your utilities in your home and insuring them for a said premium every year. You can enroll for a minimum of one year to insure your home against any breakdown that your appliances or systems may incur any number of times.

When you encounter a breakdown, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Register a complaint

Once you have a problem with any of your systems such as AC, heating, Any electrical or plumbing work, etc., all you need to do is to dial the toll-free complaint registration number and register your complaint.

2. Evaluation of the complaint

Once the complaint is registered, American Home shield agents will revise your contract and check if the system or appliance is covered under the contract. The contract usually contains all the details of the appliances and the systems that are warrantied under the American Home shield plans.

3. Contractor Visit

Once the evaluation is successful, a contractor is assigned to your complaint, and he may visit you within a few days to check the problem. Once the problem is analyzed and any pre-existing problem is ruled out, the contractor may offer solutions to handle the said issue.

4. Complaint Resolution

The problem is diagnosed by the contractor and is either offered to be repaired by him or replaced, based on the condition. If the utility can neither be fixed nor be replaced, then American Home Shield may even provide you with a cash payout based on your original claim of the product.

American Home Shield Plans

American Home Shield has many comprehensive plans across the whole USA and covers 49 states with over 15000 contractors that can come to your assistance immediately. The price range for systems warranties ranges from $1500 dollars to $3000 for appliances. There are three plans under American Home Shield that you may choose from:

1. Systems Plan (10 important systems in your home)

Covers AC, AC Ductwork, heating, heating ductwork, all electrical works, all plumbing works, doorbells, smoke detectors, ceiling fans, water heater, garbage disposal, water dispenser central vacuum, rekey.

2. Appliances Plan (Any ten appliances)

Covers Dishwashers, Microwave Oven, Trash Compactors, Ice Maker, Garage Door Opener, Food center

3. Combo Plan

Ten of the systems and 10 of the appliances that are chosen by the customer can be combined in this plan and insured.

4. Add-ons

You can also choose to add Pools, Spa, Septic, Sewer or Well Pumps, HVAC tune-up, etc.

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