How to Clean Outdoor Garbage Cans and Keep Them Clean

You can not always replace the garbage cans whenever they start stinking, don’t you agree? Garbage cans, especially in summers, can stink within a week of replacement. So, replacing the garbage can is not a fine solution, cleaning is. It’s super easy to clean and maintain your garbage cans. 

To clean your garbage can you need;

  • Long-handled scrub brush
  • Short scrub brush
  • Dishwashing soap or cleaner
  • Garden hose
  • Water sprayer
  • White vinegar 

Once you have got everything arranged, you are ready to go on a cleaning mission;

Step one

Trash cans usually stay stuffed, they hardly go an hour or so empty. There is a possibility that the trash can you are about to clean would be stuffed as well. The first thing you need to do is take out the trash. So, go ahead, pick up the lid(we know the can would be stinking badly), and take out the garbage.

Step two

Now allow the cleaner or dishwashing liquid to show its magic. Mix the dishwashing soap in water, dip the short scrub brush in, and start scrubbing the trash can’s bottom and walls.

Step three

Just when the trash can is scrubbed(using the short scrub brush), take the long-handled scrub brush and try scrubbing off the trash can from every possible angle. 

Step four

Once you are satisfied with the scrubbing, it’s time to attach the garden hose with a water sprayer. Turn on the water supply and wash the trash can off thoroughly. Make sure there are no suds or grimes left. There, half of your job is done.

Step five

Sometimes dishwashing soaps and cleaners are not enough to get rid of the odor, so if the trash can is still not smelling fresh, it’s the need of the hour to let white vinegar handle the situation. Pour in the white vinegar, spread it with a scrub brush until no area remains untreated, and let it sit for an hour or so. 

Step six

It’s time to pressure wash the trash can again thoroughly. So, turn on the tap and start pressure washing it off. Turn the trash can upside down at least once and leave it to dry out.

Step seven

Check out the trash can after 30 to 40 minutes, it would surely be ready to hold the garbage in again. 

Now that you are done with cleaning, here are some tips to keep it clean for a long time

  • If you do not want your garbage can to start stinking readily, do not throw the garbage unwrapped.
  • Do not let the problematic garbage sit in for a day or so, be quick to get rid of it. 
  • Clean it quite often if you do not want to handle the messy trash can again
  • Do not cover

If you do not want to go through it all, search trash can cleaning service near me and let the professionals do the job. 

In brief, trash cans can get messy and stinky quite easily. To handle this stinky mess, arrange a dishwashing soap, scrub brush, white vinegar, garden hose with a sprayer. Clean it up with a cleaner or dishwashing soap, rinse off, and treat it with white vinegar, and leave the trash can open to dry. There your job is done.