Renovations updates you expect in a luxury beachfront condo

The idea of luxury varies from one person to the next, but there are some inclusions and designs that will automatically pass for luxury with no debate. Beach condos are the place to be for vacationers or homeowners who want a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life. That is why making them luxurious is a great move. There are a lot of things that can be done to achieve this. Some of the renovations and updates that are expected in a luxury beachfront condo include:

A luxury feature wall

No matter the century, luxury feature walls have always been trendy and luxurious. Therefore, you have to design a feature wall for your condo. It is the perfect focal point, especially in open-plan rooms. However, you can also design the wall in a way that highlights the existing focal point if you already have one. It isn’t just the living room that deserves a feature wall but also the bedroom. It will be the perfect “wow factor” for your guests which can earn you repeat bookings easily for your luxury beachfront condo rental.

A modern chandelier

Chandeliers were a must-have item in ancient temples and castles which tells you how essential they are in transforming a room into the epitome of luxury. Modern chandeliers are not only eye-catching but they light up a space in an unforgettable manner. A chic chandelier is costly and that’s why it isn’t a decor item you find in many places. Pick a large-enough chandelier with an exquisite lighting arrangement for it to be noteworthy. It might be costly but remember it will only be a one-time cost which makes it worthwhile.

Pendant lights

These are perfect for beachfront condos with high ceilings. Pendant lights hung magnificently, especially if they have unique designs. Also, they focus lighting on a particular area making the room more romantic. The whole idea of luxury is to promote relaxation and bring a warm mood. This is easily achieved by adding pendant lights.

If there are special features or standout pieces in the room they should be perfectly illuminated. However, ensure the pendant lights descend to a length that’s perfect for the space.

Spa-like bathroom

A beachfront condo already has the perfect luxury setting hence you will only have to do the decor to make it even more luxurious. Having a bathroom that overlooks the beach makes things easier when you want to create a spa-like atmosphere. If your condo has floor-to-ceiling glass walls use that to your advantage.

A stand-alone bathtub will be more suitable for creating a luxurious spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. You can get the help of interior designers in remodeling the bathroom to look like something from a 5-star hotel. A lot of people pay attention to the bathroom when booking vacation accommodation and with a perfect bathroom, you will not have to use a lot of words to convince guests to choose your property.


Check through all the luxurious hotels and note their design elements. Most of them go for monochrome because its marvels are hard to ignore. No matter the size of your beachfront condo, a monochrome scheme assures you of a cool and collected chic outcome. Since the living room will be dominated by the sofa, you should make sure it stands out. The arrangement should be intimate and cozy.

Nevertheless, don’t forget luxury isn’t just about aesthetics but also comfort. Linear sofas give an ultra-modern look but you ought to try them before buying to confirm they’re comfortable and feel luxurious. Include floor lamps and side tables to fashion a comfortable reading spot.

Greek statues

These are not just for the garden. Also, the fact that you rarely see them in many spaces means your condo will standout from the rest if you have Greek statues inside. Nevertheless, make sure they are done professionally and artistically.

Luxurious rugs

A plush underfoot is expected in every condo that is considered luxurious. Consider the line count and needle count in determining whether the rug is high-quality or not. The higher the number the more luxurious it is. Luxurious rugs aren’t just a treat for the feet but also artistic. There are various materials you can choose from but pick a durable and soft one. Given how expensive luxurious rugs are you ought to take care of them. Ask about the cleaning process to determine whether you can manage to care for and clean them as needed.

Custom made curtains

If you don’t select the right curtains for your condo you will fail in converting your beachfront condo into a luxurious destination for vacationers. You should have made-to-measure curtains designed for you. Window drapes that fall short won’t give a luxury finish. The fabric chosen should “pool” a little on the floor to give an abundant opulent look. The color chosen should be in line with the decor theme you have selected for the rest of the house.

A fireplace

As much as coastal areas tend to be hot, they can get quite chilly during the night. That’s why a stylish fireplace is essential. The traditional fireplace which depended on wood for fuel isn’t the right choice if you want luxury. There are modern electric fireplaces now. They are not only remote-controlled but also leave no soot or ash once they are put off. That is why you should choose them. Even if the area is warm, the addition of a fireplace is a hallmark of luxury. Few people have modern fireplaces in their beachfront condos which means adding one will set your property apart.

Mix up textiles

Picking the same fabric for your drapes, throw pillows, chairs, and sofas shows laziness. It also leads to flat decor. Swapping bland throw pillows for fabrics of different textures and sizes will add dimension and style to the room. Even if you don’t like working with bright colors, you can add a few neutral hues to liven up the space. Make use of a color palette to ensure you don’t deviate from the theme. It’s quite easy than you think as long as you are committed and have the time for that.

Fresh flowers

This is a must-have in every luxurious beachfront condo. They don’t even have to be mega-arrangements that will cost a lot of money. A simple bouquet bought at the grocery store will add enough sophistication to your house. The flower vase and arrangement can add detail to the florals that can seriously transform the space. Buy several of them for every room and ensure they are strategically placed to add color and elegance to the condo.

Most modern condos are luxuriously designed which means you won’t have to do much to transform the space. However, even traditional or vintage-style condos can also have a luxurious appeal based on the decorations and furniture chosen. Therefore, you just have to determine the projects you should embark on to transform your beachfront condo into a luxurious haven.

Ubaid Soomro
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