Turning Your Backyard into a Dog-Friendly Summertime Oasis

As any long-time dog owner can attest, most canines are perpetual bundles of energy. No matter how much exercise they get, many pooches seemingly have no limit when it comes to physical activity. Unsurprisingly, dogs tend to love summertime as much as humans. Since this season is synonymous with gorgeous weather, it provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation – which is essentially what dogs live for. So, if you want to let your pup frolic to its heart’s content this summer, why not make some dog-friendly alterations to your backyard? As you’ll find, turning this space into a summertime oasis for your favorite pooch doesn’t have to be difficult or prohibitively expensive. 

Put Up Resilient Fencing 

If you intend to leave your pooch unsupervised for long periods, resilient fencing is an absolute must. For starters, the fencing you select should be too tall for your dog to jump over. Additionally, it shouldn’t have pointed ends, as these can seriously your dog if it ever makes an attempt to get over the fence. You can also help reduce your pooch’s chances of escaping by removing any potential climbing aids from the vicinity of the fence. To ensure that your dog isn’t able to tunnel its way to freedom, take care to place large, partially buried rocks along the bottom of the fence.  

If you have little to no experience installing fencing, farming this job out to a seasoned pro may prove worth your while. This will help ensure that the job is done right, thus minimizing the likelihood of your dog making a jailbreak. As a dog owner, keeping your canine safe and off of other people’s property is 100% your responsibility. Failure to provide proper fencing can result in your pooch inconveniencing neighbors, darting out into traffic and causing various other forms of trouble. 

Provide Plenty of Toys 

If you want your dog to have a good time in its new backyard playground, you’ll need to provide it with plenty of ways to occupy itself. To help prevent your pooch from succumbing to boredom, consider investing in some entertaining self-play toys. When shopping around for the right ones, keep an eye out for toys that are fun, resilient and conducive to expending excess energy. If your dog has a tendency to destroy its toys in an expedient manner, durability should be foremost on your mind when selecting new playthings for your favorite canine. To this end, ultra-resilient Kong doggy toys have been known to hold their own against even the most rambunctious pooches.    

Provide Ready Access to Water 

To prevent your dog from falling prey to exhaustion, fatigue, dehydration or any other heat-related ailments, provide it with ready access to fresh drinking water. A large doggy water dispenser will serve your pooch well throughout the summer months. Furthermore, make sure to keep a careful eye on your dog’s water supply and take care to provide refills as needed. 

If your dog loves splashing around, consider investing in a good doggy pool. As the name suggests, these pools are designed with canines in mind and can provide dogs with a refreshing place to cool off throughout the sweltering summer months. However, make sure the pool you select is well-suited to your dog’s size and height – and never fill it so high that your dog could become fully submerged, as this could lead to drowning.  

Provide Shade 

Even the most energetic pooches need an occasional cooldown. As is the case with humans, too much time in the sun can prove disastrous for a dog’s health. To nip this in the bud, provide your dog with shaded areas in which to relax. Doghouses, tents and porches can prove particularly helpful in this endeavor. If you have a porch with a roof, you can provide your dog – and yourself – with additional comfort by purchasing outdoor ceiling fans

Many dogs boast a seemingly endless supply of energy. While it’s important for dog owners to spend a fair amount of time exercising their favorite canines, most of us don’t have the time or energy to entertain them 24/7. If your pooch is adept at playing by itself, you can provide it with the perfect play-space by making a few changes to your backyard this summer. Anyone looking to ensure that their dog has a summer to remember will be well-served by the tips discussed above. 

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Khuwalid Khalid
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