Emergency Contacts for Your House

When you move into a new house, what is the most important thing to you? Take a moment and think about it. You may be thinking of setting your house as the most important, or maybe checking if everything is fine with the house. Or you are perhaps holding a welcome party for your relatives and friends. While all of this stands important, there is one more thing that you might need to consider and get more info at https://www.airambulance1.com/. Remember to get all the important numbers saved up and your emergency contacts. This includes the number of the grocery store nearby or those of the garage door technicians.

Technicians and Repairing 

It is important to save up the contacts of the technicians that can work on the broken household items. For example, you might have been planning on a welcome party, but if your garage door or front door is broken, then you might need to call up a technician immediately to save the day. Similarly, you may be about to get ready to go outside but suddenly find the water not properly coming through. There may be a potential issue with the water pipelines, and you need to have it fixed. Therefore, you will need the number of a plumber nearby. Even to be on the safe side, it is important to check your house water or gas pipelines. If you find yourself sensing any issue with them, you will need urgent assistance and thus need to keep these emergency contacts nearby.

A Locksmith 

Many people have some time in their life been locked out of their home, forgetting the key inside or accidentally locking it. In another scenario, one may lose keys to important doors or cabinets or even a safe. In these cases, a locksmith is needed to help you through. A locksmith is a professional that deals with locks and keys and can help you create a new key or break a lock. 

Grocery Stores

With the transition to the online world, for the most part, it is possible to order almost anything just with a few clicks or a call. If you moved to a new house, you might want to consider keeping an eye on a nearby grocery store and getting their number. Make sure to ask them if they do home deliveries of groceries. You can even search it up online and find nearby grocery stores that deliver to your place. In case of sudden unannounced guests visiting your place or needing a quick snack, you can have their number to call up. 


Many of the pharmacies deliver medicines to your place too. It is important to keep a hold of their numbers. In a situation, you might be home alone and feeling sick, needing medicine for a headache. You can call up a nearby pharmacy and have it delivered to you. 

Police station and Ambulance Service

These are the most important contacts to have. You should know your regional police emergency number and that of the ambulance service. In case of any emergency or breakthrough or even suspecting something suspicious, you should know what number to dial. In case of any medical emergency, you should know your local hospital number or the number to call for an ambulance. 

It is good to be prepared and have these emergency contacts saved up in your phone or somewhere nearby. You cannot predict a situation thus should be prepared and know who to call.

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