Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets without Removing Them

Have you wanted to paint your kitchen cabinets for the longest time? Have you been putting it off because you do not want to go through the hassle of removing them? The answer is most likely yes, but do not worry because you are not alone! As with most things in life, painting kitchen cabinets involves money, labour and time. 

Striking a balance between all three in our busy lives can be difficult. However, there is a way to get done with your kitchen cabinet renovation without using too much money, labour or time: spray painting the cabinets without removing them! Follow this step-by-step guide to get the aesthetic kitchen cabinets you have been wanting.

Gather all your material

It is a smart idea to purchase and gather all your required material 1-2 business days before you plan on painting your cabinets. Being prepared prevents any spontaneous excuses and cold-feet because you have already done half the task plus spent the money! 

The materials required vary depending on how you want the cabinets to look, but there are primary materials everyone would need: tape, tarp, cleaning solution, caulk, primer and spray paint. You can purchase all these materials in Sri Lanka at your local hardware store or save time and click here to order online! 

Step 1: Cover your kitchen counters with a tarp

Many people choose to skip this step either because of laziness or because they do not realise its importance. You would do your future self a favour if you just dedicate 30 minutes to place tarps on your kitchen surfaces and tape them down. This step is essential as you will paint the kitchen cabinets without removing them, which may get spray paint onto the counters, ceiling and floor. If you skip this step, you will have to spend days trying to scrape spray paint off your kitchen!

Step 2: Cleaning

Wash the cabinets you intend to paint with a store-bought cleaning solution or just DIY it by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water. Cleaning removes any dirt and grease from your cabinets which would otherwise prevent the primer and spray paint from sticking onto your cabinets. 

Step 3: Use caulk

If your cabinets have any cracks or holes in them, fill them up with caulk. Filling them will prevent the spray paint from dripping or bleeding off your cabinets. If you skip this step, you may have to repaint the areas with gaps as the paint is likely to leak through them. 

Step 4: Use a primer made for spray paints

The primer will fill in any grooves on the cabinet surface, so you get a smooth paint finish. If you do not, you may need multiple layers of spray paint to fill the grooves and then paint over them. It is more convenient and cheaper to go over with a coating of primer beforehand. 

Step 5: Paint your cabinets with spray paint!

Wait for your primer to dry completely as per its specific instructions mentioned at the back of the box. Then you can finally start painting your cabinets, the final, most-awaited step! Hold the spray paint bottle 15 centimetres away from your cabinets and start painting them your desired colour. Once you are all done, wait for them to dry and remove the tarp from the remaining kitchen surfaces.

Of course, you can go over the paint with a glaze solution such as polyurethane, but spray paints themselves have a shiny finish!

Why is spray paint the best choice?

What makes spray paint the best choice is that you do not have to remove the kitchen cabinets! This saves up huge chunks of time usually spent in screwing, unscrewing, attaching and reattaching. 

Secondly, spray paints are cost-effective too, as they only cost around $20 a bottle. Surface paints, on the other hand, cost around $80 per can. Similarly, spray painting is so easy that even a child could do it! There is no need to hire professional painters and pay hundreds of dollars to achieve the same result!
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