Electric mop vs steam mop

Electric mops and steam mops are commonly used these days instead of the usual traditional mops. These mops are time and cost-efficient and give better cleaning as compared to traditional mops. However, they both are different from each other and have different features so people find it hard to choose one from an electric mop or a steam mop.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to give you a comparison between electric mops and steam mops, if you want to buy electric or steam mops online then you can consider online platforms and retailers like Amazon, Daraz, Alibaba, or lumbuy.

Comparison between an electric mop and steam mop


FeaturesElectric MopSteam Mop
Cleaning SolutionElectric mops commonly use a cleaning solution and detergent to clean stains and bacteria from the floor.   Steam mops use only water to produce steam, which cleans tough stains and bacteria from the floor.
Cleaning Method  Electric mops use scrubbing and cleaning pads, rollers, or brushes that spin over the floor to remove dirt and stains. Steam mops use steam to remove dirt and stains from the floor
SterilizingElectric mops cannot sterilize the floors without using a sterilizing solution  Steal mops can sterilize the floors with the help of steam without using the sterilizing material or solution
Type of floorsElectric mops suit all types of floorsSteam mops don’t suit all types of floors like the unsealed hard floors or unsealed wooden floor
Scum/ ResidueAs electric mops use detergent or cleaning solution so, it can leave scum or residue on the floor if the detergent  remains on the floor  As steam mop uses only water to clean the floor so, it does not left any residue on the floor. Water can dry easily
Weight and sizeElectric mops may be heavier which makes it hard for people to handle themSteam mops are lightweight and have a compact design which makes them easy to handle
Refilling of solutionElectric mops need refilling of solution or detergent when it runs outSteam mops don’t need refilling of water when they produced steam once
CostElectric mops can be less costly as compared to steam mopsSteam mops can be costly because they are equipped to advance heating technology
Solution or water tank capacityElectric mops featured a small solution or water tank which needs refilling the solution when it runs out Steam mops have large water tanks in which water can last for a long time and don’t need refilling
PerformanceElectric mopes are efficient for meaning floor but they cannot be as powerful as steam mopsSteam mops are efficient and remove dirt effectively as compared to a steam mops.
MaintenanceElectric mops may need more maintenance because cleaning solutions need to be replaced or cleaning pads need to wash when getting dirtySteam mops do not need as much maintenance as electric mops. But the mop pads need to be replaced or washed when they get dirty
Sound / Noise levelElectric mops can be noisy because they are equipped with motors and rotating brushes or pads.Steam mops are commonly quieter as they don’t have rotatory parts or motors
Battery TimingElectric motors can have limited battery if they are cordless.Steam mops are commonly equipped with cords so, they have long last battery life



Overall, both electric and steam mops have advantages depends on the user’s requirements. Electric mops are best for those who want to use cleaning solution while steam mops are better for those who are looking for eco-friendly cleaning solution. Electric mops are better for all types of floors while steam mops can be used for limited type of floors, as they are not better for unsealed hard or wooden floors.